Back to Spamalot!


Savannah Lyman, Reporter


Photo: Credit- Dennae Pigford. The crew works hard to finish the set in time for curtain call. 

Rangeview theater is taking students back to the medieval time with Spamalot the musical. Tickets are only six dollars with your activity card and seven dollars for students and senior citizens. For adults it will be eight dollars.

“Students will be able to expect good humor and great, great laughs.” says Senior Zach Powell who plays the famous Sir Lancelot. “We put a lot of work into it.”

Spamalot, originally pulled off from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, tells a tale of King Arthur traveling across Camelot while recruiting his Knights of the Round Table. This adventurous play will also include plenty of interesting songs to top it off.

“I did a song in choir and it’s from Spamalot and it was really funny,” says sophomore Emilee Blakely. “I think Spamalot will be really funny.”

The name ‘Spamalot’ is derived from Camelot but with a twist. On set of the musical, the crew would eat spam backstage which gave the creators the idea for ‘Spamalot’.

“It would be cool to see theater perform this play.” says sophomore Cinnamon Wilson.

This will be the third play Rangeview theater has presented to students this year. Though plays take up a few weeks to set up and prepare, it never stops theater crew from working hard to entertain Rangeview students.

”People undermine theater,” says Powell. “It’s really funny and you have a nice experience and it’s fun to watch.”
This comedic musical will be available for your eyes beginning Thursday February 25.