The Culture of Rangeview

The Culture of Rangeview

Michael Cordova, Co-Editor in Chief

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The diversity between students is one of, if not the most, defining features of our school. Everywhere you look you find so many different types of people from so many different backgrounds. Seeing so many students coming from as many different places as one could possibly think of intertwined and connected through just the building of education.

Wishing to understand one another’s culture, or even just being curious enough to experience a little bit of it can prompt us to take a peek into the lives of others. Rangeview, with the helps of clubs and organizations, will host a Culture fair on Thursday March 5th that will provide a fantastic way to take such a peek of culture. The fair will take place from 6-8 pm with the first hour featuring a variety of different resources and displays set up by many different groups, charities, and volunteers.

“Culture makes RHS a better place for our students and staff,” says the fair’s organizer Molly Thompson. “It helps foster understanding and acceptance in all students by allowing them to experience firsthand the diversity of the U.S. and prepares them to be global citizens after high school.”

Alongside the exhibits, students, whether individually or in groups, will be performing traditional songs and dances to give anyone a real look into the beauty of a culture some may not be familiar with.

The second half of The Culture Fair features a set of workshops hosted by many of the same volunteers that are participating in the resource/display portion. These workshops provide another opportunity to learn from outside sources on different aspects of culture.

Rangeview is family; every student, staff member, and parent is involved in that family in some way or another. The Culture Fair could be a great opportunity for students to get together and celebrate each other as much as they possibly can.