Students offered express pass to Final Four


By Aaron Braun, Reporter

A wise man once said, “The best things in life are free” and this week, so are the buses for this Friday’s Final Four basketball game that is being held in Boulder. Many students may struggle getting a ride to the game, but that will no longer be a problem. Athletic director Vic Strouse, previously provided free playoff tickets to the Sweet 16 and to the Great 8, along with free transportation out of his own pocket.

Although this week’s tickets will not be free, they can be bought for a discounted price; along with the discount, Michael Kruger the APS district Athletic Director, is providing free transportation. Tickets will be at sold at Rangeveiw for only five dollars, were originally seven dollars, and will be sold for 11 dollars at the Coors Event Center. The two dollar discount will be payed for, in full, by Mr. Strouse.

Thomas Rutherford, Senior, screams for the Raiders.
Thomas Rutherford, Senior, screams for the Raiders.

According to Strouse, “100 free tickets (and rides) were provided, and only 70 students took advantage of the opportunity.” It’s not too often a team like this comes through Rangeveiw; the last championship won at Rangeview was the 1994 Girl’s soccer team.

With all the opportunities given to every student,  there should be no excuses to miss this game.