Swimming dives in


By Levi Mckenzi, Reporter

Feature photo by Aaron Braun: Seniors Joe Graff (left), Christian Calckins (Center), and Jebb Askew (right) stand in the pool after completing their warm up laps. All three will be looking to qualify for state this season.

Boys swimming has taken off to a fantastic start this spring season with two wins on their hands. They beat Pueblo West 121 to 76 and Overland 185 to 48. Boys swimming is hard at work right now training for their upcoming meets. As many know Rangeview does not have a boys swim program, so our boys go and swim with Hinkley.

Senior varsity swimmer, Sam Page said, “I am very excited to start swimming again. I hope this year I can qualify for state. I see a lot of potential with the swimmers we have this year, especially the Rangeview swimmers.”

swimming two
Senior Michael Smith stands in the pool. This is Smith’s second year swimming. (Aaron Braun)

In swimming there are multiple events such as the 100 meter swim which is two laps in the pool, 200 meter which is four laps, diving, etc… In most events there are different types of strokes, some of them being backstroke, freestyle, and butterfly.

Varsity swimmer, senior Joe Graff said, “This is my last season, so I plan on working my hardest and also make the best out of it. I want to do good this season as well as have fun.”

Swimming is one of the sports that doesn’t get much attention from our students. Basketball and football have huge student sections at Rangeview, the swimmers would love it if there can be some support from the Raider family.