Laguana sings into the hearts of Rangeview students


Dominique Harlan, Reporter

Photo: By Dominique Harlan, Mr Laguana always plans ahead during his planning period. He will continue to inspire his students

Maybe you’re not able to sing a C flat just yet, but with weeks of practice and dedication, Mr. Laguana could help you increase your range. Singing in front of people might not be where one’s comfort lies, but that’s what trying new things are for, right? Who knows, maybe you didn’t even know what an art song was or consisted of prior to stepping foot into the choir room. But, know this: with focus, effort, and determination, rest assured Mr. Laguana will make sure you leave more improved than when you arrived.

Mr. Laguana once said, “I will make you a better singer.”

Of course, that includes hard work on both parts, but that statement remains ringing true for many students under the direction of James Laguana.

Laguana has been teaching music for fourteen years, and after graduating from UNC (University of Northern Colorado) claimed his bachelor’s degree in music and education, emphasis on vocal piano and general music. He managed to keep his major consistent, as he didn’t change it once throughout experiencing his years of college.

Laguana stated, “I’ve loved music ever since I was in high school, but my senior year I was apart of four different high school choirs. I was very involved in performing arts. That’s when I said, ‘this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.’”

Currently, Laguana manages four different choirs, all packed with their unique skills and voices.

Chromatics, a mixed choir with incredible range, tall vowels, and a creative touch. Rhapsody, an all girl’s choir full of bubbly personalities, amazing smiles, and sparkly blue dresses. Concert choir, a mixed choir on their way to the top with spirit, good bonding, and joyous sound. Lastly, the all improved mixed choir with newfound energy and funny moments throughout.

If you’re still not convinced Laguana can make you a better singer, ninth grader Gabriel Garyaezon is a strong example. He entered mixed choir with high hopes, and next year will instead find himself sitting in Chromatics as a sophomore, the highest advanced choir level possible.

“He has helped me grow a lot, especially when it comes to performing in front of others,” adding, “I love that in his class we are able to freely express ourselves as long as it’s not hurtful to others. He relates to us, he’s very patient, and extremely honest with us when it comes to teaching.” Gabriel stated.

Not only has Laguana caught the eye of students, but teachers as well.

“Mr. Laguana is positive everything. He embodies positivity. He’ll go around to different classes and sing to them from time to time. He high fives people, he’ll say good morning to people. He makes the world here a better place for sure.” said Mrs. Friend, ninth grade physics teacher.

As a teacher, Laguana has definitely gone beyond his limits, inspiring many as he does so. There is not a day that has passed where he hasn’t impacted someone on campus in a positive way. All the while, he enjoys what he does on a daily basis.

Laguna stated, “Honestly I love this, so if I’m miserable, at least I still love it. That’s important. The miserables aren’t as much as the joys. There have been some rough parts, but what keeps me going is the kids.”

If one day you decide to try something new, step foot into room 142. UNC graduate and choir conductor, Mr. James Laguana continues to “make the world a better place” with positive outside and outgoing free spirit.