The master schedule; a dream come true


Luis Ramos, News Reporters

Feature photo by Luis Ramos: A copy of the master schedule on a window, classes in blue are still available. 

The word was out in February that students at RHS will be able to be more manipulative of their school schedules for the year 2016-17.

The master schedule is now up in several locations around Rangeview, and they display the course selections juniors, sophomores, and freshman at Rangeview will be able to take.

What it exactly consists of is a list of every class available for next year including the period for that specific time.

For example, an AP English class may be available for 1st, 4th, or 6th period, the student will be given the opportunity to select what time they’d like to take the course for, and so on for their additional classes until they’ve completed their schedule.

Junior Omar Fuentes said, “When you’re not given the option [to choose your schedule] it becomes hard to adjust to it. It’s more efficient now that kids get to actually plan their schedule.”

This week, students received their list of desired courses and a form so they can design their dream schedule for the upcoming school year.

Juniors and sophomores have to turn in these forms today April 29th while Freshmen turn them on Monday May 2nd.

The list and forms will be given to the students in their English classes and need to be returned to the counseling office at the dates due or the computer will create the schedule for them. Students will be asked to fill in two dream schedules in case one option doesn’t work well.

Students that don’t wish to appoint their dream schedule may simply select the “I have no preference” box at the top of dream schedule number one and the computer will select the courses for them.

Counselor Ann Atencio (Luis Ramos)
Counselor Ann Atencio (Luis Ramos)

Although the purpose of the dream schedule is to please students, some of the classes that are offered affect some students.

“I really like the idea, but adding classes after we chose our really messed up my schedule,” said sophomore Kathleen Mayotte. “And the fact that some classes are only offered one period messes up further planning.”

Ann Atencio, a counselor at Rangeview pointed, “It’s important to know that every year there’s always a change and nothing is going to be finalized till the beginning of next year.”

Regardless, it’s still recommended by counselors that students take advantage of this opportunity for the school is doing it for their leisure.