Colorado Student Media Association recognizes Raider Review


Feature photo taken by newspaper advisor, Mr.Carabello. The Raider Review staff received recognition for some of their work from this year. The Review staff had received seven awards for the work produced. 

By Hannah Metzger, Reporter

The Raider Review is Rangeview’s most trusted news source, providing RHS staff and students with information on everything from sports to school threats. The hard work and dedication of each and every Raider Review staff member is now not only being recognized by the student body, but also by the entire state of Colorado. The Review staff brought home an astounding seven awards from the Colorado Student Media Association’s Best of Colorado contest.  

“The fact that we were able to win so many really kind of shows how far we’ve come as a staff over the past couple of years,” explained newspaper advisor Mr. Carabello. “Almost everyone on the staff puts in a lot of extra hours, a lot of extra time, so it’s nice to be recognized.”

Photo taken by Aaron Braun. The winners proudly show off their awards. Eight members of the Raider Review staff won awards.

Schuyler Yager, op-ed editor, won first place in “Breaking News Coverage” for his story “Death Blow to Rangeview’s Business Department”; Vincent Tran, photo editor/reporter, won first place in the “Photo Essay” category for his “Sweet 16” photo spread and placed second in “Sports Reaction Photo and Caption” for his feature photo in “Raiders Return to Coliseum”; Alivia Lee, co-editor in chief, won 2nd place in “Commentary” for her story “Switches in Standardized Tests Causes Uproar”; Sebastian Wiegand, sports editor, won second place in “Breaking Sports Coverage” for his story “Boys’ Basketball Heads to Sixth Consecutive Sweet Sixteen”; Jorion Marshall, reporter, won second place in “Human Interest Feature for his video “Abel Negussie Maintains Success”; and the entire editing staff (Michael Cordova, Alivia Lee, Vanessa Guereca, Dennae Pigford, Sebastian Wiegand, and Schuyler Yager) took third place in the “Staff Editorial” category for their story “Students’ Safety Put at Risk”.

“I think it speaks to the work of the editors, Mike Cordova and Alivia Lee, and the great leadership they’ve shown this year,” added Carabello.

Cordova (12) and Lee (11), the Review’s co-editors in chief, each received an award for their staff editorial and Lee received an individual award for commentary. They each expressed pride and excitement for the entire staff after being acknowledged by the Colorado Student Media Association.

“It’s pretty cool because we do a lot of hard work in our room and it feels good to at one point get it recognized by someone who has that authority to read our stuff and say ‘yeah that’s really good’,” explained Cordova.

“It feels really good to be recognized for our hard work, not just as individuals but as a staff,” said Lee. “It’s really satisfying to see my reporters grow, not only as journalists but as people. I hope next year brings more success.”

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