Teacher of The Year: Mr.Snyder wins for male


Feature Photo: Snyder shows off his social studies knowledge. He won teacher of the year for teaching freshmen in the social studies department.

By Alivia Lee, Co-Head Editor

Snyder helps his students along. He’s done that for three years at Rangeview and he doesn’t plan on stopping.

Rangeview has many outstanding teachers that continue to change the lives of hundreds of students, but this year’s male teacher of the year is Mr. Snyder of the Social Studies Department. After just three short years of teaching, Snyder has already made his mark as a teacher. Some may claim the Snyder simply has youth on his side and that makes him more appealing to students, but his genuine passion for teaching and love of social studies clearly shines through and makes him the fantastic teacher he is.
“It’s pretty remarkable (to have won TOY). It’s definitely a big surprise,” said Snyder. “There are a lot of other really good teachers in the building; so, I definitely didn’t expect to be picked, especially after only three years.”
The years a person teaches does not always correlate with their teaching abilities or how good of a teacher they are, but rather their ability to connect to students and make students interested and passionate about content.
“One of the biggest reasons I’m a teacher is because of the social studies teachers that I had in high school were some of the most inspiring and awesome people that I ever met,” said Snyder. “I really try and base my teaching skills around what I saw from them. I think about how great of teachers they were for me and how they inspired me to study social studies and history. I always kinda think about how I want to do the same for students; it’s like paying it forward.”
Perhaps the content does play a small part in determining how well liked a teacher is, seeing that for the past three years a social studies teacher has won a teacher of the year title; but, it is the true passion for not only history and content but for students and teaching.
“He (Snyder) relates to us, he’s a younger teacher so he understands what we’re going through and our problems,” said junior Alexis Andrew. “Students make connections with him on a personal level. He’s easy to get along with.”
Snyder has made it quite clear that his biggest strength as a teacher is his ability to build relationships with all students, even those that he has never taught.
Though the past few years have allowed much success for Snyder as he has been able to grow as both a teacher and person, it has not always been easy. Earlier in this school year, Snyder went through quite the expierence as he was the center of a potentially dangerous situation: a student threat had been made towards teachers, Snyder being one of those teachers.
“You have to have thick skin and patience (in regards to teaching),” said Snyder. “ It is extremely special (to have won). It is pretty cool to finish on a high note.”
Even after only three years Snyder has left quite the impression on both students and teachers.
“He (Snyder) ws already a great teacher, being in our environment just brought out the best in him. He has a passion for teaching social studies and it is pretty obvious — kids see that,” said Mrs. Walsh.
Snyder may now be famous for being the 2015-2016 teacher of the year, but, prior to this accomplishment Snyder was well known as Snyder-Man. Due to his uncanny resemblance to Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield, Snyder gained quite the reputation.
“I think it’s really cool. That is such an awesome nickname,” stated Snyder. “There are way worse things a teacher can be called. So, it’s pretty sweet.”
When Snyder is not inspiring young lives or teaching history or geography, Snyder likes to spend his time outdoors, doing things like hiking, and hopes to be able to travel more.
As the year comes to an end and staff and students begin to cherish the moment, Snyder finds winning teacher of the year to be a great honor.
“I just want to say thank you to the students for voting for me. I love coming here because of the students.”