GSA unites teens in troubling times


GSA members holding a meeting in the Post Grad Center. (Jewel Stewart)
By Jewel Stewart, Features Reporter

Every year Rangeview High School has an After School Open House for all of our after school clubs. On August 22, 2014, we kicked off our 2014-2015 After School Open House.

One of the tables that really stood out was the club GSA, the Gay-Straight Alliance. At the open house GSA was full of colors and dancing teenagers on the table. GSA is known for supporting the LGBTQ community. Kyle Hirsch, sponsor of GSA, was ecstatic that more people signed up for GSA this year. “I sponsored GSA because I am a very strong proponent on Social Justice,” said Mr. Hirsch. “I also wanted to have a club for people to feel safe, comfortable and to connect with other students”

GSA wants to be well known in the 2014-2015 school year. “We are a community of where we accept anyone of all sexual orientations or gender identification,” said Torrell Jackson, Senior and President of GSA, “My goal for being President of GSA is to let everyone feel welcomed for who they are.”

“We would love to have more male members and to have greater influence on student activities and policies affecting students at Rangeview,” said Hirsch, “My plan with GSA is to allow students to have more directions and autonomy when it comes to figuring out what to do this year and focus more on community service and male membership.”

GSA would love to have an increase in male members, it would be a greater improvement on GSA because the male membership is low compared to the female membership, and they would like more of a male perspective on everything they accomplish every week. “We would love to have more male members to have a greater influence on our student activities and policies affecting students at Rangeview,” says Hirsch.

Hirsch chose to sponsor the Gay-Straight Alliance because teenagers today have a harder time accepting themselves of who they are because of the times they live in. “The times we are living in there is still a lot of confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to sexual orientations and gender identification that fit in the norm,” said Hirsch. “GSA is a place for others to feel safe, support others and educate them.”

“GSA is outstanding,” said Hirsch. “It is a fantastic group of students that never disappoint me. They impress me every week and it is my favorite part of working here at Rangeview High School.”

“I like what GSA stands for,” said Bridgett Hayes, Freshmen, “GSA lets everyone feel welcomed for whom they are and it is a place for them to feel safe.”

“I look forward to GSA every Thursday,” said Marina Oehler, Junior and member of GSA, “GSA is never boring, we have an amazing time and we are always random just to make GSA better.”

GSA meets once a week every Thursday after school in the Post Grad Center, located in the counseling office, from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

“Everyone is welcome. We are here to support the LGBTQ community. There is no commitment to GSA. You do not have to come every week but the GSA community would love to see everyone there that supports the LGBTQ community.” says Hirsch.

GSA is excited to announce their newly elected officers, Torrell Jackson (President) and Abby Chadwick (Vice President) on making a major change on GSA this 2014-2015 school year.