Collins Writing


Jerelle Gillom showcasing his type two writing (Jackie Moreno)

Jackie Moreno, News Reporter

With the start of a brand new year at Rangeview comes new additions and new programs that are added to help improve the thought process of the students at RHS. One of these new programs that Rangeview has begun testing is the Collins Writing Program, which was designed to promote writing and critical thinking across all curricula.

“It is getting annoying having to do these Type 2’s almost all of the time,” said 10th grader Jerelle Gillom, “ but if it helps us in the long run, then I guess it’s fine.”

Teachers here also believe that this new workforce will help improve students writing skills. “I think it is a great idea that they do this,” said U.S History teacher Mrs. Westerdale, ” It shows whether the student knows the material or not so we can know what to teach them.” This is a new feature that Rangeview is utilizing to prepare students for the challenging and rigorous writing assignments in AP classes. It’s also used to help improve a students writing skills. “Teachers are across the district are incorporating type 2 writings into the writing they already ask students to preform within their classes,” said vice principal Gaisor, “so then the students can ask questions and learn about how they can improve their writing.” This is also used to help improve a student’s writing skills, whether they plan to take an AP class or not.