New year, new policy


Alexis Oliver, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Hannah Metzger- When students forget or close their IDs, they receive a temporary one. Junior Luis Ramos receives a temporary ID after forgetting his at home.

Five days a week, for nine months, Bailey Hanes wakes up at six thirty in the morning to get ready for school. She showers, gets dressed, and squeezes in an extra ten minutes of her favorite Youtuber while putting on makeup. Forty minutes later, she is ready for another day at Rangeview. Except this year, there is a new addition to her daily routine: a lanyard. Before she leaves, she takes a few seconds every morning to put on a lanyard that has her school ID on it.

Why the ID? Well, this year, administrators have introduced a new policy to help improve security around campus.

If a student wants to make purchases at the Locker, attend sports games and concerts, or be allowed on campus, they must visibly wear their ID. This policy will not only identify students more effectively, but resolve another issue: trespassers.

“Safety is a big, huge thing,” said Dean of Students Terry Anderson. “And not just in high school, but all across the education form in the world.”

This is an up close photo of what a Rangeview ID looks like. and the format remains the same for temporary ID's. This will help to easily identify students. (Alexis Oliver)
This is an up close photo of what a Rangeview ID looks like. The format remains the same for temporary ID’s. This will help to easily identify students. (Alexis Oliver)


According to Rangeview’s website, if a student fails to wear their ID, then a warning will be given. If there are repeated offenses, then a temporary ID will be provided to wear for the rest of the day.

Sophomore Abrasia Roque commented on the new policy. “We can know who’s supposed to be here and who’s not supposed to be here. So it keeps us safer than last year.”

This new addition has affected freshmen as well.

“It makes sense, because of how people can just walk on campus. Something bad can happen.” said Freshman Alana Cordova.

This is why administrators are making sure this year’s potential problems, such as trespassers, can be handled before they escalate.  This new policy is helping to reinforce safety around campus, therefore providing a secure environment for Rangeview students.