Don’t go to HoCo with an empty stomach or wallet


Mya Johnson, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Rosie’s Diner is a 50’s era themed restaurant that serves milkshakes and burgers for cheap. The diner is located on Iliff and Blackhawk.

Homecoming is just around the corner and friends are starting to think about where they want to eat this coming Saturday. Many students are looking to save money but still wish to enjoy a delicious meal before they hit the dance floor. Here are six great places to eat without breaking the bank before the dance:



Menu: Known for variety. Serves tacos, burgers, soups, sandwiches, and seafood.


Locations: Alameda and Abilene, Parker and Arapahoe

Money: Mexican food is around 10 dollars, burgers are 10.00 dollars, and steaks are around 15.00. Nothing exceeds 20.00 dollars.


Old Chicago

Enjoy a pizza or a burger at Old Chicago before heading to the dance. The restaurant is located on
Enjoy a pizza or a burger at Old Chicago before heading to the dance. The restaurant is located on Iliff and Buckley. (Mya Johnson)

Menu: Known for their pizza. Also serves burgers, sandwiches, and pastas. Vegetarian options.


Location: Iliff and Buckley

Money: Whole pizzas are around 20 dollars and individual meals are between 8 and 12 dollars.

Junior Jessica Gondek says, “I believe Old Chicago [is a good place to eat] because homecoming and prom does not have to be fancy… It does not matter how much money you spend.”


Rosie’s Diner

Menu: Known for their burgers and shakes. Also serves fish, tacos, and breakfasts. Vegetarian options.


Location: Iliff and Blackhawk

Money: Burgers are 8.00 to 9.00 dollars. The most expensive thing on the menu is the T-bone steak for 15.99.


TGI Friday’s

Menu: Like Chili’s, they are known for their variety. Steaks, pastas, salads, burgers, and seafood. Vegetarian options.


Location: Chamber and Alameda

Money: Salads and pastas are around 11 dollars, wings are 10 dollars, and burgers around 11. Steaks are pricier though, ranging from 15 to 22 dollars.


Village Inn

Menu: Known for their breakfasts and pies. Also serves sandwiches, burgers, and salads. Vegetarian options.


Locations: Hampden and Tower, Iliff and Chambers

Money: Meals vary from 8 to 15 dollars.

Darrin Fauser, a RHS junior, says, “I’m going to Village Inn because it’s very cheap and I love their breakfast.”


Wing Hut

Menu: Known for their wings. Also serves sandwiches and Cajun food.


Location: Hampden and Chambers

Money: 0.5 lbs of wings is 6 dollars and 1lbs is 11 dollars. Sandwiches are between 7 and 9 dollars and nothing on the Cajun menu exceeds 14 dollars.


Sometimes it’s hard to save money during homecoming week, but make sure to check these places out for dinner and keep a little cash before the dance.