How to look good and stay within dress code


Karissa March, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Izzy Honey- Alex Katschke (11) covers up her tank top with a floral kimono. Having exposed shoulders breaks Rangeview’s dress code. 

Some of the latest summer and fall trends may not be deemed appropriate for a school environment as several students have been getting dress coded for trying to be fashionable. It may seem difficult and often frustrating, but it is possible to stay on trend and still abide by the strict rules.

If you want to learn how to achieve the same trendy look and still be able to wear your summer clothes to school, here are some alternatives:

Cierra Hitner
A student shows off her style while keeping it school appropriate. She displays how simple it is to maintain a cute look and follow the rules. (Izzy Honey)
  • A big trend that has been everywhere from social media to the runway is the satin slip dress. The lingerie as regular clothing was a big trend among red carpet celebrities in the early 2000’s and is making a comeback. The slip dress, probably the least revealing of all, can easily become a school appropriate look by wearing a plain white or black scoop neck tee underneath, or it could be as simple as throwing on an over-sized denim jacket.
  • Crop tops are obviously not compliant to the school dress code as it violates the three B’s rule, stating that you have to cover up your breasts, belly, and butt. Numerous amount of students have faced dress code as a result of trying to stay trendy. Crop tops are ideal for hot summer days, but can be transitioned into a school appropriate outfit. Make sure to always pair your crop tops with high-waisted pants, skirts, or jeans. To add some flare to your outfit you can tie a flannel or cute printed jacket around your waist so you won’t be showing any skin. If you want the same look that a crop top gives but don’t want to take the risk of being dress coded, you can take any t-shirt and knot it in the front.
  • When you are running late and have no time to pick out a whole outfit or are just too lazy to wear pants that day, dresses are the perfect choice. You can simply add a cool cardigan that matches or add a denim jacket for a more edgy look to any sundress. If you still want the same effortless but cute look but are worried it might be too short, just try a maxi dress instead.

“I feel like the dress code is nowhere near as strict as it used to be, which means I won’t have to completely change my wardrobe for school,” says junior Cynthia Corral.

Ultimately, it is up to teachers and administrators whether or not your outfit is appropriate even if it isn’t listed specifically in the dress code, but don’t stash away your summer clothes yet because there are several ways they can still be worn during school.