Opinion: Has the Rowdy Raider been replaced?


Feature Photo By: Dennae Pigford– There is still one Raider head left in the school building;it is located in the athletic hallway. Why has it not been replaced yet?

By Dennae Pigford, Review Staff

It’s halftime and the Rowdy Raider proudly sprints onto the field, hyping up the crowd. I always remember going to the football game and feeling the rumbling of the stands increase as the crowd grew louder. Halftime was always the make or break point in a game. Whether it be the mascot having a “mascot-off” with another school, or having the crowd move along with him to heighten the school spirit of the student section, the Rowdy Raider was always something I looked forward to at a game.

But since last year, it seems like Rangeview has been a school without a mascot.

Last year, all pirate Raider mascot logos were removed from all Rangeview memorabilia: t-shirts, tumblers, hoodies, helmets, jerseys, etc. They were replaced with the “Double R’s.” The signature red and black Double R’s can even be seen prominently on the gym floor and bleachers.

According to the Branding Committee, the group of people involved in the changing of the Rowdy Raider, the change was made last year in order to improve school spirit and culture as well as create something that will endure and represent Rangeview.

As a member of the Rangeview community, I feel like taking away the Raider for this long is like not having a mascot at all, which is exactly what we’ve had for a year now — no mascot at all.

According Principal Ronald Fay, there were some anecdotal conversations with coaches and other people that have been here for a while that maybe the Rowdy mascot did not best represent what we were all about here at Rangeview High School. So during the 2015-16 school year at RHS, there was a competition held for any Rangeview community member to change the mascot formerly known as the Rowdy Raider. The change was scheduled to be announced after spring break 2016. People voted on one of several finalists for a new logo.

But now we still have no mascot and a lot of confusion.

“It wasn’t changed last year; we put it in a process to change,” said Fay. “When we came to what was presented as the final decision we were going to have to defend that decision no matter what it is. I have told Mr. Sobolewski to take the lead this year and that we will have a new mascot by January.”

I can understand wanting to unite the community for a specific cause, but although not available on campus, articles of clothing with the old Rowdy Raider pirate mascot can still be found at the Walgreens on Iliff and Tower and other places online.

So have we gotten rid of Rowdy or not?

We are at the end of the first quarter, and many feel the change in mascot was unnecessary and all the hype of the mascot change contest last year was irrelevant if there is still not a new mascot. Personally, I agree, and I think we should keep the old mascot that we’ve had for years. Though it may not be the original mascot of the Jets, it would be nice to have something to put on my spirit wear other than the double R’s of Rangeview High School. I can cope with change, but not without progress.