When in treble, go to Laguana


Jessica Rangel, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Jessica Rangel– Mr. Laguana takes a break from teaching Rhapsody to pose for a picture. He teaches four separate choirs and an AP Music Theory class throughout his day.

One of the best experiences in high school is being able to have a close connection to at least one adult in the building. For many, that person is considered to be Mr. Laguana. From directing the Aurora Singers to his full time job as the choir teacher here at Rangeview High School, Laguana always finds a way to have time for his students.    

“Last year, no matter what, Mr. Laguana was the one teacher I could count on to be willing to listen to me at anytime. He would pull me into his office even before I would tell him what was wrong.” Cynthia Corral (11).

Before Laguana started his teaching career, his passion for music first began when he was in high school himself. He took multiple performing arts classes his senior year and that’s when he realized that music was something he had to do for the rest of his life. At Rangeview, Laguana keeps a busy schedule by teaching four different levels of choir and an AP Music Theory class.

Laguana states, “I believe I don’t just teach music, but children. My classes need to be more than just a curriculum. They need to be an environment. What you put in (good vibes, relationships, hard work, dedication, etc.) is directly related to what you get out. I try to create an atmosphere of trust and openness.”

Laguana has made it clear that being a teacher to him isn’t just about getting kids to learn a subject, but more about having an impact on how these same students learn for the rest of their lives. Everyday in class, Laguana works hard to challenge each individual to improve their musical talents as well as who they are as a person. By doing so, Laguana has created a safe space for all students, including the ones he doesn’t teach, to feel comfortable reaching out to him whenever. Laguana’s guidance in and out of his classroom indicates that it is crucial for an educator to have a bond between them and their students.

“Relationships are key to learning. Without it you can never truly reach your full potential.” says Laguana.

Laguana is considered a "safe teacher" by Safe2Tell. Any student is welcome in his room for advice or to vent.
Laguana is considered a “safe teacher” by Safe2Tell. Any student is welcome in his room for advice or to vent.

The support that Laguana provides for his students has motivated and pushed them to achieve what they dream of even if it’s not music related. Laguana seeks opportunities for his students and is determined to do anything to help them get there.

If anyone is familiar with Laguana, it’s definitely senior Hannah Brown who is currently in her fourth year of several performing arts classes taught by Laguana.

When asked about Brown’s experience knowing Laguana for so long she stated, ”Mr. Laguana has opened doors that I didn’t know existed in my life. He’s coached me by putting me in positions that I didn’t think I would be in.”

Without a doubt, Rangeview students look up to Laguana not only as a teacher, but as a true role model. He never fails to leave a positive impression on his students while keeping them on task. His number one priority has always been how his students succeed far beyond high school. Evidently enough, the quality of a teacher is proven in what they can implement in their students outside of the classroom.