Opinion: Eric Nelson/Aurora community continue to fail APS students


Alivia Lee, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Alivia Lee– Eric Nelson continues to serve on the APS Board of Education, but was missing from the last meeting on October 3rd. Nelson has yet to resign from the Board, though it was discovered mid-June that he had lied about his military and educational background on his resume.

Four months have passed since it came to light that APS School Board Director Eric Nelson was a fraud and liar, and yet he still holds on to his position directing the future of more than 30,000 kids in Aurora.

This man has lied his way through life and made his way into our very own local government.

Most know the story by now, but it was discovered in mid-June that Nelson had lied about major parts of his educational and military background in his resume for the APS Board of Education, yet he will not resign and our community doesn’t care enough to start a recall, the only way he can now be pushed off the Board.

This man is supposed to be serving the Aurora community and its students, but he has completely failed to do so — Aurora students do not need an extreme liar making decisions for their education.

“Our Board asked Director Nelson to resign from the APS Board of Education,” said Aurora Public Schools Board President Amber Drevon. “We voted to remove Director Nelson from his duties as Board secretary. … While the allegations about Director Nelson’s past are troubling, there is nothing in these allegations that would legally disqualify him from serving as an elected Board member.”

Since Nelson is an elected member, he needs to either resign or a recall vote will need to take place. Nelson was elected in 2013 and is currently serving a four year term; it is likely that Nelson’s term will be over before he decides to resign. It is unfortunate that this man has served on the Board for three years and his lies went completely unknown until he decided last spring to run for the state legislature.

APS students deserve better than Nelson.

“Him (Nelson), personally I have never met; but as someone who works for APS, it makes him and our Board less legitimate as a government entity,” said Stephanie Walsh, RHS government teacher.

It is true, this man and his decisions reflect on the Board as a whole. The discovery of Nelson’s lies discredit both him as an individual and any decision he has made while serving as a director. If Nelson would lie his way onto the Board, what prevented him from making unjustified decisions and lying while on the Board during his three-year reign?

The APS Board of Education has done everything within its power to restrict Nelson’s duties, taking away his APS credit card and limiting his appearances with students.

But the community also needs to take a stance and put pressure on Nelson. If a scandal like this were to happen in Cherry Creek or Denver Public Schools, I can guarantee you that this person would have resigned months ago due to community pressure and involvement.

Why do we accept this in APS?

“Since he lied about his history, he shouldn’t be allowed to stay on the Board,” said senior Hunter Shelton. “Someone who falsified their education is a horrible example for kids.”

It is not too late for the Aurora community to stand up for education and recall Eric Nelson.