College access for students


Cinnamon Wilson, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Cinnamon Wilson- Several different colleges are represented in the CCC window. This gear has been on display since the beginning of the year.

Counselor Mr. Hirsch partnered with Ms. Gessesse, coordinator of college and career center, and created a new club program this year called the Access program. It is for sophomores, juniors, and seniors to help them prepare for college campus visits, and more.

“We focus on how to make sure they’re giving themselves the best opportunities to get into the most elite universities in the world,” says Hirsch.

The club meets once every month on Wednesday mornings. The meetings consist of talking about becoming a competitive applicant, applying for colleges, graduating college, and finding colleges. The three classes are split up with seniors having their own meeting, since they are closer to graduation. Sophomores and juniors have a separate meeting together. Hirsch and Gessesse are very selective when picking. To join the club, you must be the top 13%-14% of each class and very high achieving student of Rangeview.

Here are a few colleges in Colorado. Students have many options when considering in state education. (
Here are a few colleges in Colorado. Students have many options when considering in state education. (

“ It’s helped lead me in the right path to find colleges, because before I was jumbled in all my thoughts about the process and what exactly am I supposed to be doing,” says Kourtney Grunillen, senior at Rangeview.

The program seems to have really helped students, especially seniors closer to graduating,

Grunillen wondered, “Where do I stand with other applicants and just my achievements of getting into college?” later continuing on to say, “Talking with Ms. G and Mr. Hirsch it’s helped me realize all that and have a clear mindset and it’s helping me calm down.”



If you would like to try to join this club or learn more about it, you can set a meeting with  Gessesse or Hirsch in the counselor’s office or contact them at:

[email protected]

[email protected]