RHS football team goes two-ways out of necessity


Feature Photo By: Izzy Honey- Rangeview football players practice playing multiple positions. Players playing multiple positions has been a trend in high school football teams.

By: DeAnte Iacino, Review Staff

Most football Players at Rangeview High School football are playing more than just one position this year, a new trend at Rangeview but a trend that’s been happening as long as football has been around, including a reappearance in college football.

Players practice block shedding during a summer practice. Players over practicing and playing can lead to serious injuries. (Izzy Honey)

Of Rangeview’s 50-man roster, about half of the players play two positions, either being on offense, defense, special teams or all three, players said.

According to current junior football player Josh Wall, “Only certain players play both sides of the field.”

This is determined by how well a player plays at a certain position, he said. Most positions that consist of multiple players playing a position are usually in the offensive or defensive line, wide receiver, cornerback, running back or quarterback. Rangeview has had fewer players out for the team this year, so playing both ways is a way to get more talent on the field, he said.

Every player needs a resting time, and depending on how well a player plays on one side determines their resting time. The less resting time a player gets, the more likely it can lead to an injury which can affect the team greatly, some argue. This is the reason why some people don’t agree with players playing both ways; however, many think playing both ways is natural.

“I prefer players playing on one side because the chance of players getting injured is higher for a player playing both offense and defense,” Coach Justin Hoffman said.

The idea of two way football is more of a strategy and can be costly, but also has the potential of being very effective. This brand of football will be on display when RHS (2-6) hosts Rocky Mountain at 5 p.m. Saturday at APS stadium looking for its first conference win.