Rangeview football struggles to find their place


Jorion Marshall, Review Staff

Feature photo by: Vanessa GuerecaJunior quarterback Jaelin Odegard throws a short pass to Senior Aaron Reed. The Raiders are currently last in the 5A Mt. Wilson Conference.

This season, the Rangeview Raiders are at the bottom of the pack in the 5A Mt. Wilson Football conference with a record of 0-3 in the league and 2-6 overall. The team is currently on a three game losing-streak, but their stats thus far tell another story.

The Raiders are home to the leaders in passing yards, rushing yards, points, and touchdowns. Senior running back AJ Thomas has led the charge on the offensive side while piling in close to 1,000 rushing yards this season along with 14 touchdowns. Junior quarterback Jaelin Odegard has thrown for nearly 2,000 yards this season and is the leader in the 5A Mt. Wilson Conference.

The Rangeview defensive line prepares to rush Gateway’s offense. The team is currently 2-7. (Vanessa Guereca)

Rangeview has been thriving through their offensive play, but it appears that their defense has been slowing them down. They have allowed their past three opponents to score over 40 points in each of their match-ups. This has been a trend for the Raiders, and their inability to stop opposing teams from putting up large numbers has hurt them.

Smaller numbers of players on the sidelines show that the Raiders have lost a few players to injuries and also players who left the team during the season.

Rangeview junior Jung Park states, “The Raider football team needs to rebuild before they can see progress this season.”

Although the Rangeview football team is struggling currently, they believe that they can bounce back from adversity.

Junior running back David Aggrey says, “We need to build better team chemistry if we want to win games in the future. This off-season we need to develop a team that focuses on the same goal to become a better team overall.”

It is unlikely that the Raiders will make it to the playoffs this year, but it was possible to get their first league win against Rocky Mountain who was 0-8 this season on Saturday. They lost in a close one, 21-20 on a failed 2-point conversion late in the 4th quarter.

After Saturday, Rangeview now holds the last place spot in the 5A Mt. Wilson Conference.

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