Rangeview speaks out about Trump


Anahi Castaneda, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Anahi Castaneda– Jacob Kipfinger looks away as he is interviewed about Donald Trump

From protests to celebrations, all around the world there have been all sorts of reactions to Donald Trump winning the presidential election, and for many here at Rangeview, their world was turned upside down in a matter of hours.

Not only was there a surprising reaction to families, but also our teens all around the world. Rangeview students spoke out about this unexpected turn of events.

“Donald Trump is Sexist, homophobic, and racist,“ said Senior Anthony Mosley. “Him being elected shows what type of people we have in America today.”

Although many students at Rangeview — one of the most diverse schools in the state and maybe nation — think Trump represents the worst of society, it did not seem like that to senior Jacob Kipfinger.

“People really hate him for the things he has said, but I believe that most of the things he said was just so he can get elected,” Kipfinger said. “Trump isn’t a politician, he’s a businessman; he wants to bring jobs back to America.”

Some of Trump’s policies are controversial and may not go over well with the public. At Rangeview on Wednesday, hundreds of immigrants and sons and daughters of immigrants of varying legal status were immediately worried about their future based on Trump’s campaign claims for massive and strict immigration reform.  

“I don’t agree with Trump building a wall,” Kipfinger states. “ I don’t believe he’ll build one (either). But I do believe there should be control over tightening immigration.”

Many do not share Kipfinger’s optimism.

“I don’t think there was a perfect choice on electing our new president, “ senior Dez Merur said. “Clinton wasn’t a great choice, but she sure was better than Trump. I just don’t like the choices America has made.”