Gobble up a feast this Thanksgiving


Mya Johnson, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Mya Johnson – The front office decorates for Thanksgiving with fall scenery. Flower vases are labeled “Thankful”, “Autumn”, and “Blessed”.

Now that Halloween is over, students can look forward to the next upcoming holiday. Thanksgiving is centered around gratitude, love, and food. A feast is prepared and family gathers around to eat all together. That means that it’s important to have good food. Here are some popular sides to go along with the main dish.


Green Bean Casserole

Grace Kochman, Rangeview Junior, says that this casserole is one of her favorite traditional Thanksgiving foods. Green bean casserole is made with green beans, cream of mushroom soup, and french-fried onions.

Here’s a recipe to make this dish this Thanksgiving: https://www.campbells.com/


Sweet Potato Casserole


On the sweet side of casseroles, sweet potato casserole is a cinnamony, marshmallow topped dessert. According to Chowhound, it has been a popular Thanksgiving dish since the mid-twentieth century.

See how to make the recipe here: http://www.chowhound.com/

A Rangeview student writes how thankful they are for Mr. Bird. Several paper turkeys are posted outside the auditorium where students expressed their gratitude for different things. (Mya Johnson)




Potatoes are a popular American food in general, so when there is a holiday known for its feast, potatoes will be on the table. Victoria Pasillas likes to have mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving, and says she mixes it with corn and gravy. Other students enjoy scalloped potatoes.

Here is a recipe for scalloped potatoes: http://www.food.com/


Mac ‘n’ Cheese


Macaroni and cheese is a classic American food, and it has been on most tables. Instead of a boxed pasta dish though, enjoy a baked mac n cheese topped with bread crumbs this holiday instead.

Get the recipe here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/




No Thanksgiving meal is complete without stuffing, as it is a compliment to the turkey or good on its own. Stuffing can always be made from a box, but why not make your own this holiday?

Here is a traditional stuffing recipe: http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/

Here’s a vegetarian stuffing recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/


Pumpkin Desserts


Finish the feast with a dessert. Pumpkin pie is a very popular item on the Thanksgiving list. Several students including, Abbie Knoshaug, Senior, say that their favorite food for this holiday is pumpkin cookies and Cindy Phan, Junior, said hers is pumpkin pie.

Here’s a cookies recipe: http://www.food.com/  

Here is pie recipe: http://allrecipes.com/


Whether you’re spending time with extended family, friends, or just your parents, you can hop in the kitchen and make some of these popular Thanksgiving dishes.