No food policy causes controversy


Sophomore Rory Barnes reacts to food policy (Alivia Lee)

Alivia Lee, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Along with a new school year comes new school rules and policies, one that many students have been talking about is the reinforcement of the no food policy. In past years, some teachers have been more lenient towards having food and beverages in the classrooms, but this year all teachers have begun to crack down on food in the classrooms. This recent reinforcement has left students feeling a variety of emotions but many are confused as to why everyone has suddenly become so strict.

“This was something that all the teachers unanimously supported. There’s hopefully less unnecessary work for the staff and it will bring more focus to learning rather than value meals and food,” said RHS Dean Jon Sobolewski.

Sophomore Rory Barnes reacts to food policy (Alivia Lee)
Sophomore Rory Barnes reacts to food policy (Alivia Lee)

Even though many of the staff have positive feelings towards the new no food policy, the students are either completely supportive or completely against the stricter rules.

“I think it’s stupid. I got yelled at for trying to eat Taco Bell in class,” said sophomore Jacob Kipfinger. While many students only see the negative sides to this year’s policy, some students have been able to look on the brighter side.

“It’s a good change; some people were disrespectful and dirty. I’ve definitely noticed a cleaner school,” said senior Efren Herrera.

It looks like this no food policy is here to stay so more students will have to get used to and understand this rule and begin to see the benefits it will have on our school.