Comet soars to Model UN


Dominique Harlan, Review Staff

Feauture Photo By: Jorion MarshallSydney Comet smiles for the camera while holding up the flag of Mexico, the country she and her team will be representing upon arriving to Model UN in the spring of 2017. Comet was aware of her selection on November 7th, 2016.

As a country within the United Nations (UN), countries may face several conflicts, all ranging from maintaining international peace and security to protecting human rights. Delegates of the UN take on these heavy tasks, representing the face of their country.

In the Spring of 2017 while the senior class is working hard away, preparing to graduate and embark on the next part of their lives, senior Sydney Comet will be one of many on her team of eighteen traveling to New York to compete in Model UN.

The Community College of Aurora (CCA) has helped both Comet and other members of her team prepare for the competition, as students can apply to the CCA political science department for the international competition and be part of the CCA team that travels to New York. Out of more than 50 students that applied to compete, Comet was the only concurrent enrollment student selected.

CCA has also been known to hold their own version of Model UN. From this process, students can then apply to go to New York in order to mock delegates of the UN.

For the last three years, CCA has been known to beat out other prestigious schools such as Harvard and Princeton, placing within the top three in various categories. Dr. Bobby Pace, who directs the political science department at CCA, is partially to thank for such the high placement.

Upon arriving to Model UN, Comet and her team must persuade the judges on what their country needs most, and write resolutions that will be passed to help specifically their country. Comet and her team will be representing the country of Mexico.

“You have to turn in two different papers and they’ll [the judges] judge you on the papers. You’re also judged based on your ability to work with other countries and the presentation you give at the actual event,” explained Comet.

Mrs. Walsh, Comet’s current comparative politics teacher, noted that last year as junior, Comet showed early interest in politics. Since then, Comet has applied and been accepted to the University of Georgetown, where she plans to continue pursuing her intended major.

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Comet stated, “I was really excited because I want to study international relations and having the opportunity to do this gives me the chance to see what my future is going to be like.”

Comet will be researching from January to March on her topic, environmental impacts,  according to Walsh. Comet has already got an early lead, and added that she has already begun researching information about the country of Mexico and their government.

Senior Brittany Ward, fellow classmate of Comet, said, “I’m not going with Sydney in the spring, but I did the one [Model UN] at CCA,” continuing on to say, “I’m proud of her! To Sydney: don’t hurt too many people.”

Aside from Ward, Comet has not only associates and friends ready for her to take on the challenge, but teachers as well.

Walsh added that she was very proud of Comet, stating, “I’m just super proud because it’s a lot of hard work, it’s a lot of research, it’s a lot of being able to talk in front of huge groups of people. Her getting the experience to do this will solidify her choice for a degree.”

Comet is a senior with big dreams and aspirations ahead of her. Teachers say that her future holds more than one may be able to envision, her current actions may carry her to be the next face of a country, and her utilization of  skills could one day help people that cross her path. As of now, her path is to be determined.

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