Sadie, it’s your turn


Peter Vo, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Peter Vo – Juniors Brooklynn Williams and Mikayla Newton smile in front of a winter formal poster. Winter formal will be Saturday, January 21st.

With the eventful Spirit Week coming to a close, Rangeview students say they are still  excited for the final event of the week, the Winter Formal Snowball taking place this Saturday.

Last year in place of a formal dance, Student Leadership hosted an 80’s themed dance. This year, they are taking on a formal approach. The dance is also Sadie Hawkins themed, which means that girls have to do the honor of asking guys to the dance.

“We decided as a class to make it a Sadie Hawkins dance because we wanted to bring back that tradition since it hasn’t been a Sadie’s dance since my sophomore year,” said Senior Class President, Alexis Andrew, who is also head of planning the formal this year.

Winter formal posters such as these have been seen scattered around the commons. These posters reminded Rangeview students of winter formal. (Peter Vo)

Students all around the school are buzzing about the dance coming up.

“I’m really excited! It’s really cool that they made it a dance where girls can ask guys,” exclaimed sophomore Makenzie Bell.

According to Andrew, leadership has been working hard to bring the dance to the school and make it the best it can possibly be.

“I wanted to plan winter formal because it’s such a fun week and a fun dance that I’ve always loved going too,” explained Andrew.  

Activities this week have included sport events after school and a ‘spirit day’ dress up theme for everyday of the week. On Tuesday the theme was Dynamic Duo, Wednesday was pajama day, Thursday was Food Day, and today is Raider Spirit Day.

Although it’s not as a well known as other dances such as Homecoming and the Color Dance, Winter Formal is definitely something special to many students.

“Winter Formal is different because it’s an actual Snowball compared to other dances. It’s more formal and we have it planned out,” said sophomore leadership student Indi Sandika.

Snowballs are often dances that are more formally organized, fancier than Homecoming but not fancier than Prom so it’s right in the center of it all, and a perfect dance in the eyes of many Rangeview students.

“Everyone should definitely come to the events… This is what high school is about,” said Andrew.

Winter Formal will be on Saturday, January 21st from 8 PM to 11 PM. Tickets are $20 at the door. Students are advised to bring their IDs.