Women’s March: meet the marchers


Chris Arias, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Chris Arias – Eliza Duster, age 10, poses with her family. When asked why she was marching, she replied, “Because we’re gonna fight for women’s rights.” 9News has estimated that over 100,000 men and women of all ages attended the march in Denver.

I am engulfed in the crowd. I can feel the united voices of my fellow marchers resonate in my chest and ring in my ears, “This is what democracy looks like!”

On Saturday, January 21st, tens of thousands of people from all walks of life came together to march for women’s rights in downtown Denver. It was part of the largest inauguration protest in history.

Part of the Women’s March on Denver mission statement is All women shall maintain the freedom and lawful protection to choose what is best for them as it concerns their biological and reproductive health.”

These are the stories of some of the thousands of people who marched. Each quote is in response to what the purpose of the march was, and why they chose to march.


Anna Fails, age 55

“This isn’t about trying to overthrow an election; this is about making sure that voices that tried to speak and weren’t heard in the way we wanted them to be are heard. I think it’s really important that everybody’s viewpoint is represented and since there are so many women and minorities and other disenfranchised people who feel like the current, the new president is not respecting or even acknowledging them, I think it’s really important that we be out here and be seen and heard.”



Winthrop Dada (left) and Evan Dada (right), age 8

“Well, you know, we have some very important women in our lives, and we wanted to come and you know, represent. So, his mommy had to work this morning and we came out to show solidarity with, you know, the whole message of equality for all,” said Winthrop.



Liberty Ricca, Discovery Canyon Campus in Colorado Springs, Sophomore

“For a school project that’s supposed to impact our community in a positive manner. And so, this march inspired me and friends inspired me so I made these nuggets of love to spread the love… at my school we had four suicides last year and so one of my friends from school, she did this thing called “Spray the Love” where she sprayed a fence and everyone came and sprayed inspirational words on it. So, it spurred from that as little love to take with you everywhere.”



Grace Antonucci,  Niwot High School, Senior

“Um, we just think it’s really important to support rights for everyone, as well as women. Kailey and I are from Niwot High School’s Women’s Empowerment Club and so we just wanted to come out today and have our voice heard.”



Christine Henrickson

“I’m here because even when I disagreed with Republican policies and politics, I was never scared. I was never scared for my country, for my rights, for my children, for our future, and I’m scared. And I think we do out number. There’s no mandate here, we outnumber, we are the majority and I believe if we all can unite and come together we can make the changes; we won’t go backwards. We need to keep the progress that President Obama built, and keep moving forward. And that’s why I’m here.”