10 songs that turn 10 in 2017


Jessica Rangel, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Jessica RangelShowiet Perry, junior, listens to music in the commons during lunch. Many Rangeview students listen to music through the day, occasionally checking out throwbacks. 

Ten years ago it was merely the year 2007! With the new year comes the popular music from way back that still brings the sweet sense of nostalgia. Take a look at some of the massive tunes from 2007 that are turning ten years old this year:

People would agree how memorable Umbrella became as it was charted #2 on the Top 100 songs in Billboard magazine that shined the light on who was then the upcoming artist Rihanna.

Junior Andres Marquez asks, “Would 2007 really be a honorable year for music without Kanye West on the list?”.

‘Stronger’ was released as the second single from his third studio album Graduation.

Listening to this song listed #31 on the Top 100 Billboard magazine makes it hard to imagine that it was produced a whole decade ago.

Many agree this song for sure hit home whenever it came on the their car radio. As a matter of fact, it was the biggest radio airplay hit in the history of the Mainstream Top 40 chart in North America.

“I used to bop to this song religiously back then,” says junior Showiet Perry. ”It’s crazy this song came out so long ago.”

Back in 2007, “Hey There Delilah” was named #7 on Billboard magazine’s Top 100 songs.

Seems as if Akon has completely disappeared from the music industry in current times, but that doesn’t impact how popular this song still is after being named #11 on Billboard magazine in 2007.

“This song really takes me back and I wish there were still artists like Gwen Stefani,” states junior Andrea Gomez.

Debuting at number one on the UK Singles Chart, “Bleeding Love” became the best-selling single of 2007 in the United Kingdom. After the single released, it became a major international hit and was the best-selling single of 2008 worldwide.

Named #10 on Billboard’s magazine, “Glamorous” includes vocals from Ludacris and was recorded for Fergie’s debut album, The Dutchess.

Although these songs were produced 10 years ago, many high schoolers today can agree how unforgettable these hit singles have become in the history of the music industry.