Rangeview community supports Noah Williams



Peter Vo, Review Staff

Feature Photo From: Noah Williams’s Go Fund Me – Junior Noah Williams poses for a picture with mom Amy Williams, older brother Matt Williams, and youngest sister Katiana Williams. The picture was posted on Noah’s Go Fund Me page in hopes of gathering funds for the family in need.

As calamity occurred, the Rangeview community stood behind one of its students who was recently in an accident, Noah Williams.

Noah, a junior at Rangeview, was in an accident on January 13th. He and his sister Katiana Williams,a Rangeview freshman, were hit by a semi-truck while stopped in traffic. Katiana suffered minor injuries including a few bruises and scrapes, while Noah was left paralyzed from the waist down.

Due to his spinal cord injury, he will have to go through a plethora of hardships in order to try and get through this accident

“There’s a lot more changes around the house now, it gets harder and we have to make the best of it, and doing so means going through everything together,” said Katiana.

The Williams family is coping with the tragedy and aiding Noah through it as well.

“He’s on and off and realizes everything that’s happening. Sometimes he goes under the impression that he can’t do things that he used to but we always support him to get him through it and he gets through it,” Katiana explained.

Rangeview as a community came together to support Noah and his family. He is a loved student and many would agree that teachers and friends miss his presence in the building.

“There’s definitely a lacking of excitement and laughter around the school, Noah was a jokester; he was really funny and brought lots of laughter to everyone around him. It’s sad that he’s not here,” empathized Dean Henderson, a teacher that has taught Noah in the past.

Still recovering from the accident, Katiana wishes one thing for her brother. “Just whenever he comes back, it would be nice if everyone was there to help him and support him through it.”

Friends and peers helped Noah and his family with small donations when the leadership class walked around during Wednesday January 18th asking for donations for Noah.

With his GoFundMe page up for the community to donate to, the staff and students have helped donated to support Noah.

“The students are doing a phenomenal job. From signing the lunchtime banner for Noah to the community donating almost 14,000 dollars for Noah and his family. It’s the little things the students and staff are doing that makes it all. It’s heartwarming,” expressed Henderson.

As a community, several say they miss Noah, and everyday without him there are little things his teachers have reported missing as well.

“We had a good relationship, he would always talk to me about his interests, very genuine conversations with Noah, we talked about everything he liked from cars to hunting,” said Mr.Snyder, his former teacher.  

The Rangeview community agrees that Katiana and Noah have gone through a lot. Snyder lets the community know that, “Noah’s an awesome kid and there’s a lot of ways to support him and Katiana. Be there for them. They would be the first people to help someone else out.”

With hope and affection throughout the Williams family, they thank Rangeview for it’s continuous love and support given to the family.

“Thanks for everything that the community has done for us, the wishes and donations. It means a lot to me and my family,” Katiana expressed.

For more information and ways to support Noah and his family, please visit: