Beats of Rangeview


Evan Medina, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Evan Medina- Senior Ronny Aguirre posed for a picture in the commons. This is the first of an occasional update. Many students enjoy listening to The Weeknd’s newest album.

Beats of Rangeview is a continuous series of the songs Rangeview students are enjoying today. This series will be updated sporadically throughout the year. 

The Weeknd – Starboy, Ronny Aguirre, Senior

“I don’t really like it for a certain reason I just like the song because it’s really catchy,” Senior Ronny Aguirre states.  The track “Starboy” from the album Starboy by The Weeknd, is a collaboration with Daft Punk. The song was The Weeknd’s third song to hit the top of the charts. Listen to the song here:

Chris Ledoux – Old Paint,  Zachary Trujillo, Senior

“It’s just a good song and it just remind me of people and places I’ve been,” says Senior Zachary Trujillo. Chris Ledoux is a country artist from Mississippi. The song “Old Paint” was from his album Western Tunesmith, released in 1979. Listen to the song here: