Oh the places you’ll CO


Feature Photo By: The Denver City Page – A overlooking view of Great Sand Dunes National Park. Lookout Mountain is one of Colorado’s top aesthetic destinations.

By: Samir Mohamed, Review Staff

Colorado is more than just mountains, marijuana, and Super Bowl winners. Colorado is said to be one of the fastest up and coming states by USA Today. Natives believe that Colorado is full of beautiful sites and amazing food. Here’s a list of a few of the top spots to visit next time you’re in the Mile High City.


Little Man Ice Cream

(Courtesy of BusinessDen)


Little Man Ice Cream is a Denver based Ice Cream parlor derived from a twenty-eight foot tall, 14,000 pound cream can. Junior Jonathan Ferguson states, “Little Man Ice Cream is a great ice cream place that’s very delicious!” Little Man is near the center of downtown with bright lights and a view of Denver. With the purest and finest local ingredients possible, Little Man is known for its handmade sorbet and vegan ice cream.



Lookout Mountain

(Courtesy of The Denver City Page)

Twelve miles west of Downtown Denver, you can see Lookout Mountain, a foothill located within the Rocky Mountains.
Lookout is known for its beautiful scenery visible from the top of the foothill. “It’s a breathtaking view and a fun experience,” stated Junior Omar Gonzales. With a perfect view of Downtown Denver, the experience and view are said to be truly unforgettable.



Voodoo Doughnut

(Courtesy of Everywhere Once)

Voodoo Donuts is a branch of wild and wacky donuts found in select states throughout the U.S. With it’s mesmerizing vibes and unique color ideas, Voodoo Donuts is unlike any other bakery or donut shop you can find anywhere, claims many Denver and Portland citizens. Denver’s downtown location is known for it’s massive lines and innovative ideas.


Union Station

(Courtesy of Nomadic Pursuits – a blog by Jim Nix)

Denver Union Station is a grand railway station found on 17th and Wynkoop Street found in the prominent and historic Lodo district. Lodo’s vibrant district is the heart of downtown due to it being the original settlement of Denver. Not only is Union Station a train hall, but it contains restaurants, retailers, and a massive hotel as well. With a ground floor that accumulates for 34,000 sq feet, there’s an endless amount of opportunities and possibilities waiting to be explored.



Casa Bonita

(Courtesy of Jeffrey Sward Photography)

Casa Bonita is a Mexican style restaurant located in Lakewood,Colorado. Casa Bonita is more than meets the eye, not only is it a restaurant but it’s also an entertainment center. The building is equipped with a 30 foot waterfall, divers, a mariachi, and jugglers. But that’s not it, Casa Bonita can hold 1000 people at a time and they can enjoy two arcades, a small puppet theater, a magic theater, and their “haunted tunnel” called Black Bart’s Cave. Casa Bonita is especially known for food, fun, and most importantly family.



Hanging Lake

(Courtesy of Trover)

“Hanging Lake has an unbelievable view and it resembles something you’d see in a nature magazine,” claimed junior Julie Alvarez. The lake and is located on the edge of Glenwood Canyon’s cliffs. Not only can you experience the great scenery as you hike, but there’s also a waterfall that splits into a transparent turquoise lake. Ten miles from Hanging lake you can find Glenwood Springs, a mountain resort. Most known for it being the the largest hot springs resort in Colorado, Glenwood Hot Springs is an experience filled with peace, tranquility, and serenity.


(Courtesy of Sites at Penn State)

Great Sand Dunes

The Great Sand Dunes National park is a national beauty near the New Mexico/Colorado border. As a truly diverse experience, there are countless things to do. You can swim in the Medano river, hike up the tallest sand dunes in North America, observe the vast wildlife, and fight the wind as you sled down the dunes. If you do pay a visit to the Mile High City then this is an experience you can’t miss according to Colorado natives.




“Yoga on the Rocks”; 2000 people doing yoga together at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison (Denver), Colorado USACourtesy of the Odyssey.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre  


Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is without a doubt one of the greatest entertainment and concert venues in the world claimed Rolling Stone Magazine . At 6,450 feet altitude, Red Rocks is an elevating experience. Events like concerts, yoga, speeches, exercise, and  lots of filming take place at the amphitheatre. Red Rocks Park is open to a variety of opportunities whether you prefer a hike up the rocks, a drive through for sightseeing, a bike through the land, or a peaceful lunch with family and friends. With 868 acres of land and trails stretching past 1.5 miles, Red Rocks Park is an environment for outdoor enthusiasts and sightseers.  “Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is an amazing work of natural art and definitely worth seeing,” stated junior Kaila Borbon.



Colorado is a year round destination that attracts a vast amount of people. Although Colorado doesn’t have an amusement park as large or famous as Disney World, a beach or pier as well know as Santa Monica, or even a famous and renown burger joint like In n Out, Colorado has a lot more to offer. With breathtaking landscape and unique sites all around, Colorado natives believes it’s full of beautiful sites and amazing food. Though you may be planning on visiting Los Angeles, New York, Seattle or Miami, many believe you shouldn’t count Colorado out. Next time you have a trip in mind, rethink your travel plans and fully experience the Mile High City.