Almost, Maine is almost perfect


Mya Johnson, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Mya Johnson – Glory, played by Chris Arias and East, played by Nate Beutel take the stage for one of the first acts of the night. Beutel also plays a second character later in the show. 

Almost, Maine. The play is almost a love story, the setting is almost a town, but the show is definitely a must see. With the cast consisting of 15 actors and the set only differing slightly between scenes, it is easy to fall in love with the simple and elegant storytelling.

Written by John Cariani, this play is just shy of two hours and follows the nearly romantic short stories of (would be) couples, and can best be explained as mini plays within a larger production.

Familiar faces such as sophomore Donovan Strouse and senior Nate Beutel joined first time actors like senior Chris Arias and freshman Cory Anthony on stage last night. They all worked together to bring Rangeview one of their best plays yet.

The set for opening scene of Almost, Maine consists of this bench and street light. Many substantial scenes in the production have this bench. (Mya Johnson)

Lizzie Stacks, junior and cast member says, “Almost, Maine is such an amazing show. It’s been my favorite to work on because the cast is amazing. The show may seem strange but there is something for everyone. If you like to laugh, cry, or just watch this is the show for you. It’s cute and introspective.”

It seems to be love at first sight for East and Glory, played by Beutel and Arias, when Glory goes to see the northern lights and ends up at East’s front door.

Stacks’ character Marci and Danyion Reagan’s character Phil try to work through their old love during an ice skating date after being married for many years.

Chad and Randy, played by Jared Wolfe and Beutel, find love in the most unexpected place and Steve (Jakob Lutz) finds himself after meeting Marvalyn (Strouse).

“I thought it was amazing,” audience member Connor Rodenbeck, junior, says. “It’s one of the best plays I’ve seen since I’ve been at Rangeview. I thought it was both funny and poignant. Everyone should definitely go see it.”

I found myself laughing through every act, shivering away chills, and gasping in shock. This play definitely has something for everyone as it encompasses romance, comedy, and drama. Calling it a romcom does not give this play enough justice.

If you missed opening night, be sure to spend a little time enjoying Almost, Maine or you will regret it. Curtains will open tonight and Saturday at 7p.m. Tickets will be $6 with an activity card, $7 dollars without, and $8 for adults. There’s still a chance to see this almost perfect play.