Diving into the season


Izzy Honey, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Izzy Honey – Danyion Reagan (11) and Edgar Mondragon(12) use kickboards during their warm-up. Reagan qualified for state during his sophomore swimming season last year.

As the weather starts to feel warmer, people will begin to start making plans to go swimming. The Cherry Creek Reservoir, Utah pool, and Trails Rec Center are all popular places to hang out and splash around. Here at Rangeview, some students are making other plans.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, the pool at Rangeview is full of students from all over the APS district who share a passion for competitive swimming and diving. Students meet at Rangeview and Hinkley to improve their speed, endurance, and form to prepare for the season.

Junior Sean Hackworth commented, “It looks like our season is going to be strong. Our swim team is all of APS so we should have a diverse but good group.”

Colton Turnbull (10) practices a simple dive during practice. Once divers master the simple divers, they can move on to learning more complex dives. (Izzy Honey)

As an athlete who is new to swimming, Hackworth noted that he was surprised at the amount of work that goes into participating. Swimmers must be dedicated to driving to practices at Hinkley three times a week as well as worki
ng on cardio, strength, and endurance.

“[The swimmers are] putting in a lot of distance,” explained head coach Himes. “We’re working on a lot of technique to make sure that none of them get disqualified, and that we will have really good races.”

Not only are swimmers working hard at practice, but the diving team is also working on their techniques and skills so they can begin to perfect a variety of complex dives.

Despite the fact that members of the team come from all over the APS district, junior diver Isaiah Cheeks said, “We always encourage each other to do their best.”

Last year, Cheeks made it to the state diving championships after just one year of practicing the sport.

The swimmers have been warming up for their first meet on Friday the 10th.

“We do this thing called time trials [at practice],” said junior Danyion Reagan, a state qualifier last year. “It’s a mini meet that shows us where we are at the beginning and allows us to make goals for the season.”

The meet will be held at Hinkley High School at 4:30 this Friday. The swimmers and divers alike will have an opportunity to show of the skills they have been working on during practice.