Driving straight into the season


Izzy Honey, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Izzy Honey – Coach Anderson works with the team on their stance and their swing at practice. This year is Anderson’s second year coaching the girls golf team.

The girls golf season is now in full swing, and the Rangeview team is working hard at Springhill golf course to prepare themselves for competition.

Senior captain Emily Leday takes a backswing into the net at practice. On windy days, the golf team practices indoors in the Red Room to avoid the wind. (Izzy Honey)

With only six athletes on the team, the girls are able to work one on one with coach Anderson to learn the techniques required for the sport of golf and to refine their skills.

Coach Anderson described his strategy for training in the beginning of the season as, “Trying to get them to feel who they are right now, and develop that passion for the game.”

Anderson stands by the claim that golf is one of the most intimate sports. While the Rangeview golfers play on a team, the focus is on individual performance.

“Golf is probably one of the few sports where it’s all about you and the course,” explained Anderson. “You’re not
playing against the person that’s in your foursome [the golfer’s partners], you’re playing against a course.”

Senior Emily Leday, an experienced golfer, is the team captain this year. According to Anderson, Leday always keeps the spirits of her teammates high by making sure they are smiling and having fun.

“I’m hoping this will be my best season yet, with so many years under my belt,” said Leday. “The team as a whole, I think we will do fantastic with the fresh new talent that we have as well as our wise and experienced coach.”

Last year, the girls team sent two golfers to the regional tournament. This year, the girls are working hard to meet the same success.

“Everybody on the team has different strategies that could potentially help us win each tournament,” said freshman golfer Alexis Drummond.

The girls golf team will be hosting its first tournament at Springhill Golf Course today, March 16th.