Hoffman finds a new home


Hannah Metzger, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Jackie McBride – Coach Hoffman poses on the football field in February 2015 soon after he was first announced as the new head football coach. After two years as head coach, Hoffman is now leaving RHS for a new job closer to family in South Carolina.

Coach Justin Hoffman has been a beloved member of Rangeview’s staff since 2014 and has coached within APS for the last 20 years. His decades of service to the students and athletes of Aurora have made an indefinable impact on countless people. Now, after making Rangeview’s football and track teams his own for the last two seasons, Hoffman is moving on and away from RHS.

At the end of this school year, Hoffman will be moving to South Carolina to be closer to his wife’s family. Many students have expressed their sadness over losing such an impactful mentor for RHS.

“Coach Hoffman has had more than just an impact [on my life]. There’s no words to describe what he’s done for me,” said senior Alex Segura. “He has been not only a coach, but a father figure; He’s helped me through not just football obstacles, but obstacles in life. He’s always pushed me to be better. And, without him coming into my life, I don’t know what my life would’ve been. Hoffman is a coach to me, but he’s also family.”

Hoffman will be continuing his career in coaching with his new job as a strength and conditioning coach/offensive coordinator at a high school in Greer, South Carolina.

Hoffman told the Aurora Sentinel that he will sincerely miss the relationships he’s formed at Rangeview and in Colorado.

“I will absolutely miss Aurora; my grandparents raised my mom in Aurora, my granddad was a relative in Aurora forever and I have a lot of family that still lives here,” said Hoffman. “So I’ll miss that and of course all the relationships with the coaches and kids around here.”

The Rangeview community will also miss Hoffman. Senior Onyi Ozoma explained that Hoffman’s absence will be felt through the development of Rangeview students.

“[Hoffman’s] been monumental in terms of my growth as a leader,” explained Ozoma. “He’s always gone above and beyond in terms of sculpting great men on and off the football field. He cares about his players as much as about competition and I’ve always appreciated that about him.”

One can only hope that the hole Hoffman will be leaving is filled with someone equally as dedicated and influential to Rangeview’s student body. The open coaching position is planned to be closed by April 12th. The job posting can be found on the APS website here.