Godspell Review


A scene from Godspell Photo by: Jonathan Headley
A scene from Godspell
Photo by: Jonathan Headley

By Jonathan Headley, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

Godspell was one of the most interesting plays RHS has ever done. It tells the story of Jesus and his teachings, while keeping a modernized, silly tone. There were nice little jokes that probably would have happened in a modern Jesus meeting.

Jesus, played by Jacob Lancaster, was portrayed as a very wise and easy going fellow, while adding his own silliness to the show. Though it was a high school play with technical limitations, the quality of the performance was surprising. Every single song and scene was set perfectly and the singing was done by those with significant talent.

Everybody knows that Jesus died in the end. Despite the fun mood and jazzy songs, this scene was quite emotional. It was nearly tear worthy. Jesus’ death really seemed to strike the characters and even the audience. It was wonderfully done, even though it lacked a cross.

The people who follow Jesus throughout the play were often tempted by things such as food, rest when tired, and even what seemed to be the human body. (Weird!) This is all actually accurate to the bible stories though. Most of this play was, in fact; even the parables were spot on.