Video: Rangeview’s Film Festival


By: The students of Rangeview High School

While not every submission was accepted by the Aurora Public Schools Film Festival, our students put a lot of time, effort, and hard work into these videos. Without further adieu, we present the collection of film festival submissions made by Rangeview students.




By: Sara Elouadi and Mercy Dominguez Vazquez

By: Lesley-Ann Gonzalez and Alyssa Urstadt


By: Anica Dolan, Peter Vo and Yucheng Zhang

By: Diana Batalla and Riley Ortiz

By: Adam Koudsi & CJ Barbar

By: Amor-Leigh Wilson


By: Stefany Castro Escaleras and Alondra Fuentes

By: ~


By: Bao Nguyen

By: Jesus Madrid Miramontes

By: Laura Good

By: Jacob Stockinger

By: Tamie Kainde

By: Fernando Moreno and Christopher Solis

By: Jaylen Dunbar

By: Jorion Marshall

By: Ayden Clayton

By: Kobe Corke