Opinion: The secret to promposals


Izzy Honey, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Izzy Honey  Junior Noah Sung asks junior Shanelle Hendricks to prom using an adorable promposal. This promposal came complete with a pizza and breadsticks from Little Caesars, and a bouquet of flowers.

Now that the prom theme has been announced, Rangeview students are getting busy making plans. Where should prom dinner be? Where is the best place to buy the perfect dress? Where can you rent a suit? Then, there is the question of who to go with. A group of friends? A date? Both? If you are leaning towards going with a date, here are a few pieces of advice to help you create the perfect promposal.

The first step is to figure out whether or not your possible date would want a big public promposal or not. Some people might like the attention, but others might think there is too much pressure in being asked in front of the whole school.

Senior Steven Thai said, “I would make the promposal public because I want to show off who I’m asking.”

Not all would agree with this. Senior Priscilla Karr stated that she would prefer a private promposal.

“It’s more intimate, maybe with a handful of friends, but not in front of the whole school,” she said.

This promposal, created by junior Connor Rodenbeck, incorporates lyrics from Elvis Presley’s song, Can’t Help Falling in Love, a song that is personal to him and his date. According to Rodenbeck, the posters only cost $7 to make. (Izzy Honey)

Once you have gotten that figured out, it is time to get creative. Think of things that remind you of your potential date or things that you know they love. Think about movies, songs, or TV shows that they like, use quotes and create a theme from those, or make a poem or a pun.

If they like whales, ask them, “WHALE you go to prom with me?” If they like dogs, tell them, “Prom would be RUFF without you”. If they like spaghetti, ask them, “What’s the PASTAbility of you going to prom with me?” Puns are so easy to come up with, and they do not have to be good to be cute. The possibilities are endless.

Karr, an avid Luke Bryan fan, said that she would like a promposal that has Luke Bryan lyrics worked into it somehow.

If your prospective date is an athlete, play around with ideas relating to their sport. Write the promposal on a basketball if they play, or think of a pun like, “I don’t want to strike-out at prom” for baseball players.


Here are some other ideas, and remember, sometimes the cheesy ones are the best:

  • Go to Lush and buy a bath bomb/bombs, and make a poster that says, “Prom with you would be BOMB” or, “You’re in for a LUSH night at prom”.
    • Bath bombs at Lush are usually around $8.
  • Gather a bunch of pictures of you and that person or of just that person and make a poster that says, “Can you picture us together at prom?”
  • If you know their locker number and you want to be funny, fill their locker with ping pong balls or small balloons that say “Prom?” on them, but be careful, some people might not see the humor in the mess it makes.
    • You can find a six pack of ping pong balls and a 100 pack of water balloons at the Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, $1.


A promposal does not have to be expensive and extravagant. You might not even have to spend any money at all, except to buy poster paper if you choose to.

“I think just being asked by someone you like is special. It does not have to be big,” said senior Delma Solis. “Being asked with something that reminds them of you is always cute.”

Whether you intend to go with your boyfriend or girlfriend to prom, or go with a friend as a date, a personalized promposal is the best way to ask the big question. Ladies, do not be afraid to be the one to make the promposal. It is a cultural norm for the gentlemen to ask, but who cares? As long as you know the promposal will mean something to your date, you cannot go wrong.