A dawn of a new era


Jorion Marshall, Review Staff

Feature Photo Edited By: Jaylen Dunbar – Rangeview hired new head football coach Brandon Alconcel. Alconcel is a former football player for the CSU Rams. 

April 19, 2017, was the dawn of a new era. Coach Justin Hoffman’s time as head football coach and staff member was cut short here at Rangeview, but the football team plans to move forward.

Hoffman was hired two years ago to replace longtime head coach Dave Gonzalez. Because Hoffman is relocating to South Carolina, Rangeview made the decision to hire Brandon Alconcel.

Alconcel was a defensive coordinator at Overland High School recently, grew up in Southern California, and was also an offensive lineman at Colorado State University during his collegiate days.

When asked about the transition in staff, Rangeview defensive coordinator Justin Clyde stated, “It’ll be fine. With any new coaching change people do things differently. It’s part of growing as a coach or an athlete. Someone new always brings something to learn.”

In the past four years, this is the third change in head coaching that Rangeview has made. For some players, the loss of Coach Hoffman will be difficult.

“He gave us all our energy that we needed. Losing him will be sad for everybody,” said quarterback Jaelin Odegard, “But I think [Alconcel] will be a good selection. His philosophies were on par with what Hoff had.”

The Raiders will kick off the new season this fall, and will begin working with their new coach during spring camp.