Cut loose at Footloose


Savannah Lyman, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Savannah Lyman –  Juniors Augustina Nguyen and Annika Trenton discuss the upcoming musical, Footloose. This is the last show of the year and tickets were sold all this week to encourage attendance and to reserve seating. 

Rangeview Raiders, it’s time to grab your dancing shoes because Advanced Performing Arts is wrapping up the year with one last performance of the classic movie Footloose.

When rebellious teen Ren McCormack moves from Chicago to a small midwestern town, he comes to find out that rock music and dancing are illegal. With senior prom around the corner, McCormack is determined to change things around for the better.

With the help of his new friend, Willard Hewitt, and the Reverend’s daughter, Ariel Moore, the plan to bring back dance becomes a beautiful goal that ultimately heals the town of previous tragedies.

“There’s a lot of work [being put into the play],” says junior Rayvon Fisher who plays the character Garvin . “We meet everyday after school and stay there for about four hours rehearsing.”

A poster hangs in the Commons advertising Footloose. The first show for Footloose is tonight at 7pm. (Savannah Lyman)

In this specific play, the theater crew has come across many challenges. With all the choreography and singing while dancing, the actors have been putting in many hours making this play a perfect way to end the year strong.

“I’m always most excited about sharing my art with the people around me,” says senior Nate Beutel, who plays Ren McCormack. “I feel it’s a powerful bond to share with people you’ve never seen in your life, to be able to make eye contact after those bows and to see that you’ve made someone’s night.”

As Beutel prepares for his last performance, Ren McCormack will be one of his hardest roles due to all the choreography that follows his character.
“It is unlike any other shows I’ve been in and one of the hardest,” says Beutel. “I’m very excited.”

When students heard the final play of the year would be Footloose, many instantly anticipated a great show.

“I love the movie and seeing it in theater is going to be amazing,” says junior Robin Smith. “I think this is a great play for the theater students to perform because of the variety of talent our theater has its going to be amazing.”

Even though this is a classic, for many this will be the first time they witness this dance heavy musical.

“I’ve never seen Footloose so this is the first time I’ll be seeing it,” says junior Jackie Soriano. “I’m expecting to feel excitement and to feel satisfied after seeing the show.”

One can buy tickets in advance from the book keeper or at the door for $6 with an activity card, for students without an activity card it is $7 and for senior citizens it is $8.

“I really think you guys should come out and watch it because it’s a high energy play and it’ll be fun for everybody,” says Fisher.

Join the excitement this Thursday, April 27th through Saturday, April 29th 7-11pm.