The lowdown on “The Locker”


The Locker (Jackeline Moreno).

 Jackeline Moreno, News Reporter

For all of the students who wish to save their parents the heartache of having to spend over forty dollars on school supplies, your wish will be granted. One of the new, groundbreaking features for the 2014-2015 school year is a soon to be opened school store.

“This is literally a blessing in disguise,” said junior Anthony Sparks. “Now I won’t have to stand in those long lines in Walmart trying to purchase piles of school supplies and prices that soar up to fifty, sixty dollars. Now I’m actually able to buy more than I know what to do with for lower prices than Walmart.”

The Locker, opening tomorrow (Jackeline Moreno
The Locker, opening tomorrow (Jackeline Moreno).

Students will not have to wait long for this new addition at Rangeview.

“We plan to offer a variety of student-centered products like school supplies,” said school store coordinator and Business teacher Ms. Miller, “along with Rangeview merchandise such as t-shirts. We plan to open Tuesday, September 30th.”

The new school store will be referred to as “The Locker”. We will welcome yet another new school addition tomorrow.