A “prom”inent time


Peter Vo, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Peter Vo – Sophomore Peter Vo holds tickets to Rangeview’s prom and after prom. Both events are taking place this Saturday, May 13th at Infinity Park and Boondocks. 

Students around Rangeview have started shopping for their dresses and tuxes, planning their dinners, and searching for that one special person to be their big date to prom. It’s the night where the atmosphere is magical, a night where students dance with each other, and a night where many say everything is perfect.

As Prom is fast approaching, leadership students have worked hard to plan the event and have the theme set as Arabian Nights.

“We started near the end of our sophomore year, because prom takes a lot of work,” explained junior and student body vice president Nadya Nfaoui. “The hardest part is getting the theme and a venue for prom. We try and make it the best it can be.”

This year, many students are immensely excited for the night.

“I’m extremely excited for prom,” exclaimed senior Michael George. “After prom is going to be really great!“

Prom is an immense event for upperclassman at Rangeview and, for many seniors, it’s going the final big event before their graduation.

“Yeah I’m going to prom, it’s gonna be L to the I to the T,” proclaimed senior Dylan Gampu.

Prom is being held at Infinity Park, a popular event center in Glendale, Colorado.

Prom tickets are currently being held at $55 and after prom tickets are $30. Prom and after prom together is $70, and all of these prices hold up into May 12th. On May 13th, (the day of prom) tickets will be $70 and after prom tickets will be $30 at the door.