Raider Review goes out with a bang


Dominique Harlan, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Ms. Yakish – The Raider Review class poses for a staff picture. The staff won 21 more awards than last school year.

Last year, in May of 2016, the Raider Review staff was recognized for its work and production. As a result, recognition brought in a total of seven awards from the Colorado Student Media Association (CSMA), but the Review staff wanted to do better. This year as the month of May rolled in, it can be stated that wish to step it up came true as the staff hauled in an astounding 28 awards.

“It’s great to be recognized by others. It’s not about the awards, but it feels good when you get them,” explained Raider Review advisor Zeb Carabello. “We have good protocols in place which I think has helped a lot. I think at Rangeview we kind of have this rep of, ‘oh we can’t be as good as Regis or a Highlands Ranch school because we don’t have the resources,’ but I think we’ve disproven that.”

Tying into the 28 awards won, the Raider Review placed first in nine of the awards received. Some first place awards are as follows: junior Savannah Lyman won first place for feature writing, junior Jaylen Dunbar won first place for in-depth video news and video news writing, junior Jorion Marshall won first place for broadcast personality and video feature writing, senior Hannah Metzger won first place for in-depth news coverage, senior Chris Arias won for best opinion column of the year, and senior Alivia Lee was named the best opinion columnist in the state.

Among the awards was op-ed editor senior Hannah Metzger, deemed reporter of the year by CSMA. There were also honorable mentions, and of all of the placement awards received, none dropped below 3rd place.

Editor-in-Chief senior Alivia Lee stated, “Just from my time being on the Review, this is probably the best staff. Everyone is extremely hardworking and flexible, and they adapt so well to what’s going on around our school and what we need them to cover.”

Lee later added that she feels as though the Raider Review is the school’s only source of information on a mass media scale, and it’s very important that they satisfy the need to inform the community. By doing so, the staff reports on not only the good of Rangeview, but the bad as well.

Contributing to this statement, Carabello added, “I think it’s highlighting the amazing things Rangeview does in every facet. I also think it’s creating conversation about challenges we have in the hopes of always making Rangeview a better place.”

The Raider Review has also been acknowledged by peers working in the school. Over the course of the 2016-17 school year, the Raider Review staff has received several compliments from readers in Rangeview and even around the metro area on things such as diversity, creativity, and hard work.

“We have a kick-butt staff,” stated Carabello. “Shoutout to our Editor-in-Chief Alivia ‘Big Al’ Lee for putting up with a lot of stuff but leading, in my opinion, the best staff that the Review has had.”


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