Retiring teachers


Izzy Honey, Review Staff

Retirement Calls Corby

Many have described Tim Corby as a “Renaissance Man” of teaching. As a soccer coach, wrestling coach, and a teacher of a variety of subjects, Corby has given so much to the school community, but this year will be his last at Rangeview.

Corby has been a teacher and coach at Rangeview since 2000. In those 17 years, he has taught world history, geography, psychology, and U.S. history, as well as coaching girls’ soccer, boys’ soccer, and wrestling.

Mr. Corby sits as he teaches a class. He will return next year to continue coaching wrestling (Izzy Honey).

“As a teacher, I think he is great at actually teaching rather than just telling, and he applies everything to real life,” explained senior Shane Wisneski. “I have never left his class wondering what he meant about anything or feeling like the content isn’t relevant.” 

Not only is Corby’s work appreciated by many students at Rangeview, but he is also valued and respected among his fellow teachers.

Fellow social studies teacher Mrs. Walsh commented, “[Corby’s] biggest impact on students will be that he cared about them, but they must put forth effort. He always has a great perspective on life and how their choices will affect them. Though some do not see it now, they will understand as they get older.”

Many of Corby’s students have expressed how much he has helped them both inside the classroom and out. Students describe feeling comfortable going to Corby for advice about other classes and even for issues outside of academics.

“It’s hard losing those teachers that students really connect with,” said Wisneski.

Corby coaches one of his wrestlers during a home tournament. This year, Corby was honored for his 30 years of coaching high school wrestling. (Izzy Honey)

It has been made clear that Corby has left an impact on students, but his students have taught him a lot as well.

“After 35 years as a teacher and coach,” Corby explained, “I am convinced that whether in the classroom, or gym, or on the athletic field, education and coaching have presented me with the chance to get to know what young people are capable of and how important it is to keep the big picture in perspective.”

Even though Rangeview is saying goodbye to Corby as a teacher, he hopes to come back next year and remain the head wrestling coach.

“Rangeview has so many incredible stories to tell,” said Corby. “So much life, love, and laughter. I have been blessed to be a part of our school’s story.”


Jerome says goodbye to Rangeview 

By: Karissa March, Review Staff

Many would agree that Mrs.Jerome has made a lasting impact here at Rangeview, but after 13 long years at Rangview working as the Athletic Secretary, Jerome has made the decision to retire after the 2016-2017 school year.

Jerome’s main responsibilities at Rangeview have consisted of scheduling athletic events and making sure the events have officials and buses while assisting the Athletic Director, Vic Strouse.

Jerome has worked alongside Strouse since 2004 and while partnering with the organization and success of athletic events, the two have solidified a close relationship and team mentality.

I always used to tell people that I was the ship’s captain, I just steered the ship, but she was the one that was the engine and the drive behind it that ran the whole program,” explains Strouse.

The two had an immediate connection due to their work ethic and dedication to the athletic department.

“We basically had very similar personalities and we worked together on a lot of things and solved things a very similar way and consequently it was a very easy going and rewarding relationship,” says Strouse.

Jerome describes her experience working at Rangeview as “wonderful” because of her interactions with students and staff and although she will miss the excitement of the Rangeview environment, she plans on continuing to be involved in the community.

It is has been a rewarding and challenging experience for Jerome, but she is looking forward to her retirement which includes moving out of the city and buying some land to relax on with her husband and two sons.

“Working at Rangeview has allowed me to take away tons of great things from my time there,” says Jerome. “The one thing that I will always be grateful for is learning how to deal with everyone in a different way and that everyone is different and a different approach is needed for each individual.”

It is evident that the students and staff at Rangeview recognize the importance of Jerome’s role in the community and her support for everyone will leave the legacy of a caring and open environment in the years to come.


Hamilton hangs up the phones for the last time

By: Jessica Rangel, Review Staff 

After 10 years of working the front office at Rangeview High School, Lynda Hamilton has decided she will officially be retiring after the 2016-2017 school year.

Hamilton can be found each day behind her computer keeping track of any calls or questions passing through the school. Although many staff and students have expressed how much they will miss Hamilton, she plans on pursuing much needed relaxation time during her retirement.

Hamilton stated, “I’m planning on spending time with my mother and I hope I can travel a little bit as well as going to breakfast on Wednesday mornings, bible study on Thursdays, and scrapbooking!” 

Mrs. Hamilton addresses a couple files on her computer (Amor-leigh Wilson).

Despite Hamilton working behind the scenes making sure substitutes are covering classes among other duties, her impact on keeping Rangeview organized cannot go without recognition. After an entire decade of making sure Rangeview is in order for each day, Hamilton’s experience has been nothing but pleasant in the front office.

“I think working here has kept me young. I think the students keep you young because you always have to be active,” said Hamilton.

Working alongside Hamilton has been Megan Kunz, who can be found sitting directly in front of Hamilton’s desk. For the past two years, Hamilton and Kunz have been able to create a special bond over their job and have been able to share many great memories working together.

Kunz claimed, “Her and I have a lot of fun. She’s almost like a grandmother figure to me in the most endearing way,” adding, “I’ll miss having her around just hanging out with her all day!”

Because Kunz was new to APS, Hamilton helped guide Kunz through several  programs, whenever need be. Hamilton also utilized her previous years of knowledge and passed it on to Kunz so that she will be able to forward it to next year’s replacement.

Kunz went on to say, “She will always help me with excel spreadsheets and things like that. She is a hard worker and she takes the job seriously.”

After all of Hamilton’s work she has done for Rangeview, the school and students wish her the best of luck in her upcoming years to finally unwind in her retirement.