Cross country sprints their way into the new season


Katiana Williams, Review Staff

Feature Photo By- Katiana Williams: The cross country team stretches and gets ready to run. Many say they are planning for a great season.

Running: most people hate it but cross country runners love it. As the fall season sprints up, the runners are setting goals and hoping to achieve them.

But, what exactly is cross country? Cross country is a sport of running long distance over natural terrain, individually and as a team.

Junior Julian Torres and sophomore Ryan Slocum running their daily routine. They hope to cut down their time down and prepare for their next meet. (Katiana Williams)

“What happens is the runners run individually and as they cross the finish line they get points, the lower the time the less points you get and the school with the least points wins,” stated Coach Manchu.

Last week, the cross country team had a meet with eight other schools, which is another thing most people don’t know about cross country. Instead of competing against one other school, the Raider runners have to work even harder to pass even more players who have also set goals.

“I want to get my time under 25 minutes,” said freshman Renee Tracy.

On the 24th,Rangeview’s boys cross country ranked sixth out of nine schools. While the girls racked up more points, individually, they performed well.

With star runners like Sean Hackworth, who is one of the captains and is a two year varsity runner, the cross country team is hoping to improve this season and work hard everyday after school not only to achieve it’s goals, but to have fun.

“Cross country isn’t easy, but when you get the time that you wanted and strived for you realize that all that work paid off,” sophomore Mahayla Griggs expressed.

With their next meet on September 12th at Eaglecrest High School, many say that they are going to run over the competition.