Alconcel tries to lead the football team to climb Mt. Wilson (league)


Ayden Clayton, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Izzy Honey- Head Coach Alconcel (right) talks to junior Axel Lara (middle) and Mr. Abdelrahman (left), the equipment manager. 

Last season, the Raiders football team came to a standstill when it had a 3-7 season. The Raiders are looking to bounce back; with the new 2017-2018 season coming to a start and with the former Head Coach Hoffman gone, the Rangeview football team has seen a change in roster, as well as a new coach in Coach Alconcel.

Junior Ethan Fray and Senior Jayvion Swain stand on the sideline. The next footballs game is today, the 7th, at APS Stadium.

Coach Alconcel recently joined the Raiders football team this year after being at Overland High School for five years.

“I think that I will bring that new energy, and kids always gravitate to the newness. My style of doing things is uptempo for sure,” Alconcel stated.

Alconcel’s tempo will be one to watch, as the new and harder league is starting soon. The Rangeview football team is in the Mount Wilson League, and this year will be the second year of the new league. Moving on, Alconcel answered more questions regarding the upcoming season:


How long have you been coaching?

“I’ve been coaching since 2007, so this will be my 10th year coaching.”


What are the key components you feel the team needs this season for success?

“Well one thing is they need to trust each other and the coaching staff, there is certain things you need to do to get you prepared and two, we just have to compete and complete what we are doing.”

Sitting down with Raider senior Jayvion Swain, a lot was said through the perspective of a player. Many scouting profiles on twitter have tweeted that Swain is a top prospect in the class of 2018 in Colorado High School Football, as he is a top 5 returning player for this season.


What role do you feel you need this year?

 “I feel like my role on the team this year is very important considering I’m a senior and can bring leadership to the team,” Swain exclaimed.

The varsity team this year is a majority of seniors and juniors, with few underclassmen. Swain commented about how New Head Coach, Alconcel, deals with the mixture.


What do you think the new head coach brings to the table?

“He’s bringing new personnel and he’s bringing a new style to the team that we can all build around,” stated Swain.

Swain also stated that the new coach line up for Rangeview is looking really productive and is helping him build better work ethic.

Rangeview football player Kaleb Starling answered a few question as well shining his light and perspective as a first year varsity player.


How do you think the team will play under the new head coach?

“I honestly feel that we’re going to be more explosive under the new coach.”


How do you feel about the coach change?

“The new coach is cool, he’s bringing new inspirations to the team, and he’s expanding the way we use our players and is expanding them differently.” Kaleb stated.


The Rangeview football team will have it’s season opening home game on Thursday, September 7th at Hinkley High School.

For more information and a full game schedule, visit the Raider football page:,co)/football/schedule.htm