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Brianna Spence, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Brianna Spence- Student leadership is working hard on this years homecoming posters. The homecoming theme this year is going to be Disney.

School is on! While it’s not the most exciting news to most, it can be assured that there are things to look forward to this year.

Take it from Tammy Strouse, Rangeview’s Assistant Principal and Activity Director: “High school is more than just academics, it’s about the experience, and all of these experiences help students recognize who they are and how they fit into the big picture.”

Spirit Week

The week before Homecoming is always the best time to get in touch with your inner spirit. Get out of your comfort zone by dressing according to the day’s theme and earning your class some Homecoming points. Additionally, there are games you can get involved with held in the Auditorium during lunch.

Annual Talent Show

The talent show is planned to take place on Monday or Tuesday Homecoming week. Many students would say that Rangeview’s annual talent show is a must see, so keep an eye open for the signs so you can see all the hidden talent Rangeview students have to offer.


The Tailgate is a annual night before the homecoming football game filled with food trucks, games, music, and so much more.

Many would agree that it’s a load of fun for everyone. As of right now, expect this fun event to take place the Thursday of Homecoming week.


Homecoming, an annual school dance that acts as the prequel to Prom, is one of the biggest school events. As soon as most students begin to get their academic lives together, this dance presents itself as a fun break. Many say that it is an event to look forward to instead of focusing on school.

Anna Gehbardt, Rangeview’s Yearbook Advisor, reminds us that, “after students graduate high school, they’re really not going to do something similar.”

High school gives people one of the few opportunities in life to go to big events and have fun with peers.

Gehbardt later states that, “if you don’t go to events like these in high school, you never will.”

This year, homecoming is scheduled for October 7th. The requirements include not only a pristine 95% attendance rate but also no disciplinary blemishes. This year, the student body is going with a Disney themed homecoming.

Students from a previous art show walked around and viewed student’s art from all ranging art classes. The annual art festival will be held in May. (Alison Manciu)

Art festival

For any individuals interested in art or involved in any of Rangeview’s art classes, this may just be the event for you. The art festival displays the best works of Rangeview students. If you can’t make the event at Rangeview, not long after the art remains on display at the Aurora Town Center for all to see.


Prom is usually a big event that draws in many juniors or seniors (sophomores or freshman cannot attend without an invitation from an upperclassman). Prom, as of right now, is planned to take place on May 13th. It won’t be until a month or so before the event that the theme will be released.

Regardless, prom is, “A very memorable night,” says senior Santana Noel. She later reminds us that when you look back on it, you don’t want to be disappointed that you didn’t go.

Culture Night

Rangeview, as many would agree, is well known for its diversity, but how many people truly understand the lives of other students? Attending culture night is a way to get to know the students that you walk past daily.

Full of food and color, culture night gives students the opportunity to showcase their unique backgrounds with others. This year, the students plan on stepping up their game by expanding to a diversity week so that many more cultures are included, according to Leadership Advisor, Anna Gebhardt.

Sports Events

There are plenty of sporting events to attend at Rangeview including volleyball, soccer, football, lacrosse, softball, baseball, and more. To get the basic information, listen to daily announcements or go on to the Rangeview website to get more details. For many Rangview students, going to games is a good way to get out of the house and meet new people.

Two students practiced for a football game. The next football game is Friday and will be held at Regis high school.  (Izzy Honey)

“When you’re around athletes, you feel like a part of a community outside of academics,” says junior, Morgyn Salter.

Plays & Musicals

Some say, a big portion of Rangeview’s talent stems from its plays and musicals. They provide a fun and entertaining night for many.

According to senior T’Keya Harris, one of Rangeview’s own actresses, by going to plays and musicals, people, “can sit and enjoy [the show] without having to think about anything around them.”

Plays and musicals give students the opportunity to see some of the talent Rangeview has to offer.

New Events?
The only new events in discussion this year are a bounce-a-palooza, a fun obstacle course with bouncy castles whose proceeds will go to the Make-a-Wish, and a four day long intersession for all classes.

“Think about all of the opportunities to get involved in,” says Assistant Principal and Activity Director, Tammy Strouse. “Plays, school dances, different kind of arts events, the arts, going to athletics, all the extra things that make life enjoyable and that students are passionate about.”

Strouse later explains how she doesn’t, “think anybody should miss out on the high school experience.”

For all of the game dates and time, take a look at the full calendar.

For a glimpse at the 2018 winter formal, check out this site: