Rangeview rookie Tristan Sommers- A “hazard” for Colorado golfers


Tristan watches as his shot travels through the air. His goal at that practice was to focus on form and improve his accuracy. (Yucheng Zhang)

Yucheng Zhang, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Yucheng Zhang – Tristan watches as his shot travels through the air. His goal at that practice was to focus on form and improve his accuracy.

With the end of the golf season only a few strokes away, boys’ golf teams around the state are preparing to swing into high gear for regionals and state. Thus far, the spotlight has been pointed on a Rangeview veteran, senior Levi Robinson. With a solid chance to qualify for state, there has been a lot of talk surrounding Rangeview’s undisputed number one golfer. However, this season, the name of one particular Rangeview rookie has risen among the ranks.

Tristan observing the shot of his fellow teammate Levi Robinson. Although he didn’t make it to state, he had a very solid this season and shows promise for next year. (Yucheng Zhang)

This current season, the boy’s golf team acquired a number of new players, including the addition of junior Tristan Sommers to the team. Coming out for his first year, he quickly claimed his spot as Rangeview’s number two golfer on the competitive roster. Throughout the course of the season, practice has refined his skills and knowledge of the game, and has brought him up to par with many of the state’s top golfers, making the rookie a serious threat for Colorado golfers to look out for this year. 

Tristan wasn’t able to tryout for golf last year. “I wish he came out last year, he just didn’t want to because school was very important to him. But now he’s starting to realize he can mesh both of them and have fun,” said his coach, Merlin Johnson.

Tristan has indeed been able to balance sports with his studies. This year, as a junior, he is enrolled in Student Leadership, APA Musical, and three AP classes – an accumulation consisting of Rangeview’s toughest and most rigorous courses. Tristan also has a 4.4 GPA, holding a spot as top 5% in his graduating class.

This year, not only has Tristan shown excellence and achievement in the classroom, he has also made a defining statement on the course.  

Despite being this being his first year trying out, Tristan has already built a good sense for golf. He notes that, growing up, he was taught by his father and his grandfather. His father, James Sommers, who was once a professional golfer, used his expertise to shape Tristan as an athlete and drive him to become the best golfer that he can be. His grandfather, Andy Sommers, also instilled much of his knowledge and experience into his grandson.

Tristan Sommers mid swing at a recent golf practice. He spent the day practicing his form with his grandfather, who also showed up at the practice. (Yucheng Zhang)

When asked about the effect the team had on his grandson, Mr. Sommers replied, “He’s never played in this kind of atmosphere, and it has really caught up to him. He has a better attitude. Golf is a game where you hit a bad shot and you gotta forget about it because the next one’s very important – and he’s learning that.” 

Alongside his family, his coach and teammates also think very highly of Tristan. Eager to see how he will develop and improve over the next year, the team has high hopes that he could be Rangeview’s next golf prospect.

Tristan’s coach, Mr. Johnson, sees potential in him. “I’m really looking forward, cause next year, ya know, he’s got another year. So I’m really looking forward to him, cause he’s a golf nut all of a sudden now.”

Mr. Johnson also gave insight on what’s ahead for him next year.  “He’s a leader, ya know, he’s gonna be our leader next year – not because he’s a senior, it’s just his make up, ya know. The younger kids really respond well to him, and so was Levi that way,” Johnson said.

Tristan’s teammate and good friend, Levi Robinson, who is currently Rangeview’s leading golfer and among Colorado’s best, also made some comments about him this season.

Teammate Levi Robinson discusses the past week’s shot scores with Tristan. Levi was the captain of the team and a good mentor for Tristan this season. (Yucheng Zhang)

Impressed with his work ethic, Levi stated, “He is a great addition to this team. He’s a good number two man who can shoot consistently in the 80’s and bring home a good score.” Noting his dedication, Levi added, “I feel like if he practices over the summer and keeps on grinding, he will probably be better than I am now.” 

In the EMAC minor at Murphy Creek golf course, Tristan shot an 88, only second at Rangeview behind Levi Robinson, placing him top 10 overall. Although content with his score, he stated that the ideal shot would’ve been 84, and always sees room for improvement. 

Although Tristan did not place in the state tournament this year, he is still optimistic for the upcoming season. He hopes to find improvement during this offseason with guidance from his father and grandfather, and hopes to develop the relationship with his teammates and coach.

Tristan believes he has a good shot at state next year. With another year to grind and time to refine his skills, the future looks very promising for Tristan, both academically and athletically. It should be interesting to see what’s in store for this Rangeview rookie  and if he has what it takes to become one of Colorado’s best next year. But right now, he’s just focused on being the best version of himself and “Tristan” the process.