New Clubs at Rangeview


Abel Negussie, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Abel Negussie- Social Studies Teacher Mr. Melendez explains the purpose of UNICEF club to freshman in his AP Human Geography class. Though not new, the UNICEF clubs is vastly expanding at RHS.

With over 24 (and counting) clubs offered at Rangeview, much of the student body is involved in extracurricular activities. As athletic director Mr. Strouse mentioned at this year’s freshman orientation, Rangeview’s clubs and sports are what the school is known for.

However, this does not mean there is no room for growth when it comes to extracurricular activities. Each year, several new opportunities for involvement are created for Rangeview students to learn new skills, join communities, and advocate for what they believe.

Click the links below to learn more about these new clubs or to email the sponsor if you have any further questions. The new clubs offered for the 2017-2018 school year include:



This spike in available opportunities is new considering Rangeview’s history. With a decline in extracurricular activities in the last two years, this addition of new clubs is a contrast for Rangeview students.

Seniors Elene Abera and Jazmine Davis discuss with Melanie Vazquez about African American Student Alliance during their recruitment campaign. All people are encouraged to join AASA and Spanish Club despite cultural background. (Abel Negussie)

However, this growth does not mean that it is easy to start a club. Junior Alyanna Marie discusses the abundant challenges that she faced in starting a HOSA chapter.

“The first thing that we had to do was find a sponsor who was willing to be dedicated and support students that are passionate about the health profession,” Marie said. “We had to contact state advisors and recruit people to be in the organization.”

These required tasks have not stopped Marie or her peers in starting the clubs that they are passionate about.

Senior Lizzie Stacks began The Social Justice Club because she found something that was missing at Rangeview.

Stacks stated, “Rangeview was lacking a place for people from different backgrounds to get together and talk about the inequality that they see and experience. We need a place to educate ourselves and others and work on the injustice in our community.”

Stacks has been able to inspire other students to take a place in the club dedicated to advocacy and hopes to see the Social Justice Club become the means of fighting for equality that was previously missing at Rangeview.

All of the new clubs have introduced something new to Rangeview. Last year, both BSA (Black Student Alliance) and ASA (African Student Alliance) had chapters at Rangeview. This year, students from both clubs were compelled to join forces under the new title of AASA (African American Student Alliance). Members of AASA have shown enthusiasm for the new and inclusive version of both clubs.

Without a previous foundation of students, recruitment is key for many of these clubs. Founder and president of the Future Educators of America, Jacky Es stated, “Although the club name is future educators of America, if you don’t want to be a teacher in the future, that is perfectly fine… because of how diverse Rangeview and Aurora are, we can utilize our social skills and bilingual skills for tutoring in our community.”

Both students and staff members have expressed the vitality of these newly available opportunities.

Mr. Melendez, the sponsor of UNICEF Club, describes the vitality of UNICEF both as an international organization, and as a club at Rangeview. He discusses the importance of an international organization dedicated to helping children in less developed countries and emphasizes the importance of Rangeview students being and informed and involved in the cause.

Further information about how to get involved in these clubs and volunteer opportunities may be found on the Rangeview website . Otherwise, information about meetings, times, and location are below for those interested in joining any of the new clubs offered at Rangeview:

  • African-American Student Alliance: Thursdays from 7:00 -7:30 AM, College and Career Center (CCC)
  • Future Educators of America: Tuesday’s from 3:30-4:30 PM, room 135
  • HOSA: Not yet determined, announcements will be made when details are solidified
  • Rangeview UNICEF: every other Tuesday from 3:30- 4:30 PM, room 248C
  • Social Justice Club: every other Monday from 3:30-4:30, room 245B