Fall funtivities


Samir Mohammed

Feature photo by: Samir Mohammed- Senior Brenna Rivera enjoys baked chocolate chip cookies and a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. As the third week of fall comes to an end, temperatures continue to drop and the colors of leaves with it.

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, autumn is finally upon us. The cool breeze, NFL Sundays, and the changing colors of our surroundings are fully underway. We’re officially in pumpkin spice, hot cocoa, and Halloween season. With summer behind us, here’s a list of fall/winter funtivities and events to start your autumn on a high note.

Broncos Games: As the NFL season approaches its sixth week, there’s still time to kickoff your autumn adventures. The Denver Broncos are currently 3-1 and ranked second in the AFC West. The Broncos play at Denver’s very own Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Although the ticket prices vary, many Bronco enthusiasts say the hot dogs, burgers, and churros don’t disappoint.

“The atmosphere is always very fun and vibrant,”  says senior Levi Robinson. “I enjoy the nachos the most, the more cheese the better.”  

If you choose to attend a Bronco game this season, don’t forget to bring a scarf and some gloves because Colorado natives say the temperature in fall tends to drop quite a bit. If you are interested in buying Broncos tickets, click here.

The leaves on the trees begin showing different shades, tones, and shapes as fall continues to progresses. (Samir Mohammed)

Four Mile Historic Park: Many believe autumn isn’t autumn without pumpkin carving. But the important questions are, how do you find the perfect pumpkin, what does a perfect pumpkin look like, and where can you find the perfect pumpkin? At Four Mile Historic Park, the Pumpkin Harvest Festival may be the perfect opportunity to find the pumpkin of your dreams.

“My girlfriend and I are planning on going pumpkin carving this weekend. Going pumpkin carving is one of the traditions I love to do every autumn,” stated senior Alex Fragoso.

Scavenge through the pumpkin patch until you find your perfect one, enjoy a horse-drawn wagon ride through the park, build your very own scarecrow, enjoy and dance to throwback music, and make your own historic crafts. Many claim that Four Mile Historic Park may be the one for you. For more information on Four Mile Historic Park, check out the website here.

Skyline Rink: If you’re looking for slipping and sliding fun, many Colorado natives recommend visiting the Skyline Rink. In the middle of downtown Denver, there are always scheduled entertainment and fun activities planned for the Skyline Rink. There are Friday night DJs, Saturday morning lessons for new skaters, and Sunday afternoon family entertainment. Throughout fall and winter, there will be a number of free days for kids to skate it up with their families.

“It’s a great place to spend time with your loved ones and friends. The best thing about it is Skyline Rink is very affordable for all,” claimed senior Cynthia Corral.

Skate rentals are only $2, but when you bring your own skates you can take a spin for free! If you are looking for more information on the Skyline Rink, click here to view a story uploaded by the Denver Post last year on the Skyline Rink.

Fright Fest: Looking for a scare? This might be the perfect event for you. The annual Elitch Gardens Fright Fest came to Denver September 29th and will run up through October 29th.

“I love fright fest. It’s a fun thing to do with my little siblings and my boyfriend,” stated senior Olivia Muzylowski.

The park will have various haunted houses, a variety of foods and drinks, spooky costumes, fun games, and a walk through Trick-Or-Treat. For more information on Elitch Gardens Fright Fest, visit this link.

With the first snowfall of the season over with, winter is coming. Fall in love with the leaves before they are gone, before the pumpkins freeze, and before the scares die down.