Eat, sleep, breathe, dance


Ariah Anderson-Cheetany, Review Contributor

Feature Photo Provided By: Katie Tremeer – The poms team poses for a picture at the UDA Camp 2017 at CSU. They received 1st place in team routine, 1st in home routine, four All-Americans, and one drill down queen.

The football and basketball halftime performances are exciting for the poms team, but the real fun for most RHS dancers doesn’t begin until competition season in November and December, and then again in March for Nationals.

While Coach Katie Tremeer has been in direction of the poms, the highest they have placed in state was 4th in 2010, until last season’s team placed 9th in the state, the highest in years.

“Taking 9th in state was definitely the biggest highlight of last year!” senior captain Shanelle Hendricks said.  

Another highlight of last year was the caveman dance which was taken to Nationals in Florida and placed 6th in the novelty category.

Poms practice a new routine for a halftime performance. They preformed this dance at the Football game on September 22nd. (Ariah Anderson-Cheetany)

This team is working hard to live up to Tremeer’s expectations and maybe even exceed them.

“My goal is always to place higher than the previous year so that we are always set on rising,” said Coach Tremeer.

Despite losing eight seniors last year, the poms plan on working harder than ever to place even higher at state.

“If we keep working and improving on our weakest skills, I believe we can do really well, hopefully top ten,” said senior Lindsey Duran.

For a lot of the members of poms, this is the last year they will be dancing with Rangeview.

“I can’t believe my journey is almost coming to an end,” says Hendricks. Poms is pretty much like a family, the girls see each other 3 hours a day if not more.

“A lot of us have been together since freshman or sophomore year it’s hard to think that many of us will be going our separate ways after this, I can’t even begin to think about dancing on another team without my best friend,” Duran said.

This year’s team has a lot in store for them and the adventure is just beginning.  “Every team is different and every team shines their own way, but no matter how many times we get knocked down my team is always there to help me back up,” said Duran.