Orange Lockdown: False Alarm


Vanessa Guereca, News Reporter

Orange is not only a Halloween color or Broncos color but the color of the lockdown this morning, November 4th, during 1st period.

The lockdown was a false alarm said school officials. An automated phone call called the school saying that there was a bomb threat around in the neighborhood said Mr. Sobolewski. The school immediately took precautions and “shut down” the school and went into orange lockdown. Around 40 seconds later, the school received another phone call saying to disregard the last call. It was just a mistake in their system. Although, the school remained in orange lock down till about 10:40. According to SRO Officer Singleton, they did this so students wouldn’t just be roaming the school while the administration and police where checking the school building for any suspicious things.

“It wasn’t a big deal, I didn’t think it would affect me that much,” said junior Elijah Reed.